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How to Stay Away from Gangs/Cliques in Office & Survive

Date Posted: 07/9/2015

Politics is in essence the eternal battle for domination. It determines who controls in any given situation and who follows. Politics exists whenever there are two or more people. It thrives in the workplace whenever there is intense competition between individuals (or groups) forcing their way by pushing for selection in the distribution of benefits.... Read More

How to Adapt to Multi-Cultural Environments When Working Abroad

Date Posted: 06/25/2015

When everyone shares work and living space in congenial harmony away from their respective home countries, there is successful multiculturalism. This is the demand of a rapidly globalizing world. As a Filipino working abroad, you need to understand the ‘how-to’ as it will help you to adjust to today’s work requirements and living circumstances abroad.... Read More

How to Refine Your “Soft Skills” to Prosper in Your Career

Date Posted: 06/11/2015

Have you ever wondered why some co-worker(s), who are only as good as you, are always favoured by managers? If you have, it was probably because of their soft skills.  These soft skills are  not about always having a nice smile, pleasant nature and friendliness nor about telling the boss how much they admire him... Read More

Ways to Land an Interview with Limited Experience

Date Posted: 05/27/2015

Are you facing that universal problem of not getting a particular job due to lack of relevant experience, and yet at the same time, not getting the chance to get the required experience? Well, don’t let your lack of experience scare you. Know that the requirement of relevant experience that is being demanded for the... Read More

Proven Ways to Work with a Bad Boss

Date Posted: 05/6/2015

You can choose your friends, colleagues, hairdresser, spouse and even your doctor, but you never have a choice of bosses.  Whether working on a ship out at sea, in a fancy hotel resort, or at a specialty healthcare institution, the bad boss is everywhere, making working life miserable. If you happen to have a bad... Read More

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