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How to Recruit and Build an Effective Team

Date Posted: 02/14/2018

As a manager, recruiting and managing the right people to efficiently build your team is one of the most challenging parts of your position. If you need to supplement the local workforce with overseas recruitment, the challenge magnifies. However, there are a few critical steps you can take to make the hiring, training and retention of all your team members more straightforward and optimize team productivity over the long term.

1. Define Team Requirements
Map your team processes and the required outputs so you can define what core competencies, skills and experience they need to do the job effectively. Look at how different positions complement each other and identify gaps you need to fill by training current team members or recruiting new ones.

2. Develop Comprehensive Job Descriptions
A comprehensive job description is fundamental to hiring the right people. Every job is unique, with different responsibilities, functions, organizational relationships. A good job description describes the skills and competencies that are needed to perform the role and defines where the job fits within the overall business structure. A well-defined job description can be used as the basis for the hiring process and subsequent employment contract

3. Develop Robust Recruitment Processes
Finding the right people to complete your team can be time-consuming and needs a certain amount of expertise. A rigorous screening process may require more than one interview to assess qualifications, skills, the applicant’s level of interest, and job fit. Therefore, hiring an expert recruitment agency to screen applicants, especially in the early rounds is often more economical than tying up internal resources. This is especially true when needing to source applicant from overseas. An experienced foreign recruitment consultant can tailor a recruitment solution to meet your strategic staffing needs regarding budget, timescales and resources.

4. Develop Your Team
Even when you are fully staffed, organizational changes, technological advances and general staff turnover ensures that the team development process is never static. It’s important to regularly assess gaps in the team’s capabilities and develop training and skills development programs to fill those gaps. Not only does this keep your team performing to the maximum, but it also provides variety, the potential for advancement and an opportunity to create a more sustainable skill base.

As with recruitment, rather than tie up internal resources with developing and conducting the training, it might be more economical to outsource these programs to an external recruiter, to customize training programs.

5. Performance Management
Robust recruitment processes based on comprehensive job descriptions in conjunction with a structured training and development program helps to make performance management tasks more straightforward. When team members are clear on their roles, have been recruited for their suitability, and have ample opportunity for training to correct shortfalls in skills, keeping their mind on the job increased productivity should be the natural result.

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