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Overseas Recruitment Made Easy

Date Posted: 01/18/2018

Hiring new staff isn’t easy, especially from overseas.

Calling candidates in for interviews, checking their qualifications, assessing their previous experience, background checks and all of the other time consuming tasks on top of the mountain of other work you’re accountable for can make this a tedious task. Yet, choosing the right recruit is a crucial task.

Sifting though sometimes hundreds of applications for the same job is laborious, costly, and above all, time consuming. It makes good business sense to hire a good recruitment agency to take care of tiresome tasks such as checking references and initial screenings. They offer peace of mind to HR departments and managers who can then focus on the task of interviewing the shortlisted candidates.

A wider pool of candidates
With access to a wider pool of candidates that a good overseas recruitment agent can provide, businesses can open the doors to the rest of the world in order to find the perfect employee. Recruitment agencies are your most cost-effective methods for bringing employers and job-seekers together — finding the right fit for the job through contacts and knowledge of the sector. Ikon, proactively seek candidates throughout the Philippines for the best talent in the country. Not only does this guarantee businesses filling overseas positions faster, it also means finding those more suitable for a job as opposed to people applying on a whim.

Although candidates might be fresh to a specific field such as hospitality or maintenance works, they might also have complementary skillsets not currently in that job category. Without the role of a recruitment agency, five-star candidates might not be exposed to the job opportunity, and businesses might be unaware of potential candidates already lurking in their field of vision. By molding jobseekers into the desired candidate, not only does the candidate become instantly hirable, but also an important asset to the company; one who already possesses a strong connection to the business’ ethos and brand values. Agencies act as advisers and partners, making overseas recruitment much less daunting. Guaranteed to source the best talent in the market, international recruitment specialists make overseas collaborations a constant reality.

Due to their wide pool of experienced, qualified candidates and large database of jobseekers, foreign recruitment agencies are able to find and fill positions overseas at short notice. It is their job to be up-to-date with the latest developments within the industry sectors such as medicine, construction, and hospitality. Agencies understand that in HR departments, positions need to be filled quickly in order to keep the company running smoothly, and due to experience working in the previously mentioned outlets, flexible solutions are on-hand for all recruitment needs.

Overseas involvement
As a recruitment specialist, Ikon creates collaborations within the Philippines. For example, Ikon recognizes the Filipino community for its standard of service, adaptability and work ethic, supplying clients with professional, skilled and unskilled workers. By working closely with clients, Ikon establishes a detailed list of wants and needs from both employers and employees, creating the perfect partnership.

Need help in sourcing top quality staff?  Ikon is here for you!  You can trust Ikon to find the best people for you and be certain that every detail of the hiring process is maximized in finding your ideal candidates.

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