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The Value of a HR Manager

Date Posted: 03/14/2018

Coffee, meetings, smiles, snacks, workplace behaviour and business growth. If you were to look inside the mind of a Human Resources (HR) manager, you would see a bowl of simmering ramen: a complex concoction of employee turnover, retention and growth.

Tasked with keeping balance in the workplace, the significance of HR managers is often understated. Health and safety doesn’t just cover goggles and gloves, but also the physical and emotional state of employees.

Do you remember your first day at school? Trying to remembering everyone’s name, and how it felt as soon as someone remembered yours? That’s the same feeling a good HR manager will employ. They make you feel welcomed into the office from the first day, and create a strong sense of company culture through implemented strategies and ongoing articulation.

Listening is one of the most crucial roles of a HR manager. This ‘open door’ policy creates a steady stream of communication, allowing the HR department, to continually improve work life. The HR managers are the soldiers faced with the monotony of reading resumes, arranging employee paychecks and coming to terms with the complaints of staff. They make themselves available to listen to the concerns of all — no issue is too small.

The overarching role of a HR manager is to build a lasting rapport that keeps employees both motivated and happy in the workplace. They are the glue of the company that helps both employees and the business to grow and develop. Often enough, the work day can leave employees feeling burned out and in need of support to achieve goals. The HR managers are those who offer reassurance, praise and incentives to eliminate the downhill battle throughout the day and keep spirits high.

Losing an employee can diminish the spirits of the company culture. If the employee was particularly popular for example, it can demotivate the rest of the team. Maintaining a strong sense of belonging and enthusiasm amongst the team is greatly important to the workplace.

Good relationships between managers and employees increase the retention rate of the company. The ultimate goal is to craft employees into the future leaders of the company, to water the seed and help both the business and employee flourish. Human resource managers instill confidence. A happy workplace creates a happy home outside of work, and word of mouth spreads fast — potentially generating more leads and quality hires for the company.

Interviewing, hiring and training new employees costs an organisation thousands of dollars, which makes the sustainability of each new hire a top priority. A good HR manager develops strategies to maintain a strong company culture and morale. They are in tune with their team and the company culture. After all, a company is only as good as its people.

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