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How to Handle Personal & Intimate Relationships in the Office

Date Posted: 07/11/2017

Have you ever wondered kung bakit may mga taong pumapasok  sa isang intimate and personal relationship sa office?  O di kaya makita mo ang sarili mong nasa intimate and emotional situation?  Yung tipong pag nakita mo si officemate lumalakas ang kabog ng puso mo, nanunuyot ang lalamunan at tumitigil ang mundo. If yes, well di ka nagiisa officemate, maraming tao na ang sumubok, nagwagi at nasaktan sa experience na iyan.

“Office dating” yan ang term na tawag diyan, from which exist between two employees of the same organization who develop an intimate relationship with mutual attraction. Office dating is as old as the corporate world has exits itself. The one major factor why it is almost unavoidable to engage in this intimate relationship is the fact that we are full-blooded human and since we spend a substantial part of our daily routine at the workplace, our professional lives often become entwined with our social lives. Ang tanong mga kaofficemate, how can you handle an intimate and personal relationship in the office?

How to handle office relationship.

First of all, you should know that mixing pleasure and business can cost you your job. I bet you don’t want to start looking for a job because of a romantic relationship that went wrong. Hence, you need to be particularly careful about your intimate relationship and ensure the relationship is strictly professional while at work.

The above tip is not all; there are other tips you can use to handle office dating. And for the purpose of clarity, they are simply explained as follows:

Does your company have a policy on co-worker relationship? Look up the company’s policies.

You need to be clear on what your company’s policies are regarding office relationship before launching into one. Several companies have laid down rules concerning developing an intimate relationship with co-workers. While there are companies that are fine with having people who are dating on their payroll, others completely frown at it and make it a punishable offense in their code of conduct. Now ask yourself if it is worth it, if your company rule against it. It is most important that you be discreet about it and prepare for whatever consequences may arise if you decide to engage in an office romance.

Don’t date someone in a lower or higher position.

Does it even make sense to put your job at risk because of the fling you had with someone in the office? Anyway, be mindful of the organization’s hierarchy if you intend taking a shot at it. Having an intimate relationship with a co-worker especially one above you can dramatically affect your progression or salary in the company if the relationship goes wrong. You may also be subjected to unwanted drama rumors and scrutiny if you decide to date those who are in a higher position in your company. So be careful and take extra caution.

Take your lovey-dovey act out of the office.

Needless to say that you don’t need a public display of affection in the office. Try to keep a distance with your partner and save the romantic actions for outside the office. Keep your business and social lives separate and don’t allow office relationship to affect your efficiency and quality of work. Otherwise, the consequence of being caught may be too severe for you both to bear.

Have a backup plan for how to handle uncertainties.

The simple truth is, no matter how discreet you make your relationship appear, the lid will be taken off it sooner or later. So what is the point here? The point here is to make sure you have a clear-cut plan of how you will proceed if the unfortunate event (sacking) eventually occurs. In other words, since there is a tendency of a break up along the way, it is advisable to have an agreement with your partner on how to handle it when it happens.

Consider the last option – leave the company.

The cool thing is that falling in love with a co-worker is not a social offense. So if your relationship does become serious, one of you should consider leaving the company to seek employment elsewhere. It is sometimes the wisest thing to do because you won’t want to sacrifice your source of joy on the altar of convenience.

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