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The Smartest Ways to Answer Dumb Interview Questions

Date Posted: 06/23/2017

Naghahanda ka ba para sa interview mo? If you are, you also need to be prepared for some dumb questions asked by some interviewers. Imagine that you’ve effectively answered all the questions on how technically fit you are for the job you are interviewing for, visualize that you have sailed through the ocean of questions on how you can individually or as a team member contribute to the objectives of the job. But all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the interviewer asks questions that catches you unaware – like real dumb questions. How would you react?

With that in mind, below are some smart ways to tackle those dumb interview questions.

Do you have any weakness?

Walang taong 100% perfect so don’t ever answer this question like a perfectionist. Instead, tell the interviewers that you are sure you have weaknesses but as a person, you concentrate on your strength and bring excellence and quality to whatever you do. Tell them that you leverage weaknesses and walk through them by concentrating on your strengths.

Why should we hire you and reject other applicants?

This is tricky a question at hindi mo din kilala yung ibang applicants so paano mo naman maikukumpara, di ba?  Just reply by saying you only know why they should hire you but have no knowledge of why they should hire or not hire others. Then, highlight your talents and let them know that you will add value and contribute to the organization.

Tell us about yourself

Hindi mo kailangan ikuwento ang love life mo…Keep your response to this question very short and direct. Don’t recount your whole life story. This is the ideal moment to sell yourself. Focus more on your professional achievement than your personal details.

How truthful or honest are you?

This is a silly question at wala naman aamin na they are not truthful or honest.  Are you a cheat? Definitely no! Give a concise statement of your high ethical standards and provide references to back it up.  If necessary make up a nice story about a time you were truthful about an incident at work.

What three words would you use to describe who you are?

Almost everyone will reply with the obvious answers: ‘results oriented’, ‘team player’, ‘problem-solver’, etc. This dumb question puts people into boxes they won’t want to be in. However, seize the moment to show off your unique communication skill and qualifications. Kailangan mo lang magisip ng three qualities that make you unique, and present them through concise explanations.

What do you aim to become in the next five years?

Don’t make the mistake of talking about your dreams and goals – at hindi naman sila interesado marinig eto.  What they are interested in is how you will become an asset for them. Hence, talk about your passion for doing an exceptional job in whatever role you are given, your drive to improving your value to the organization and your dedication to your career which will hopefully earn you a promotion when you have proved yourself.

Why did you apply for this job?

Even though you applied for the job because you really need a job abroad that pays a better salary than you are now getting, make use of this dumb question by aligning yourself with something that the organization does. Keep your answer short and make it something close to the organization’s stated mission.

What super powers would you want to have, if you could be a superhero?

Even though this question is obviously silly, don’t show its stupidity on your face. Provide a brief answer tied to your professional ability and wait for the next question. The safest superhero to pick would probably be Superman or Superwoman!

Can you tell us why you left your previous job?

Hindi mo kailangan i-ungkat na galit ka sa boss mo o ang habol mo lang talaga ay mataas na sahod. Tell them in clear terms that you have outgrown your opportunities at home and are now looking for a new chance to gain some overseas experience and to be part of a more experienced team.

What would your former boss say about you?

Here, don’t self-praise yourself but be positive in your response. Say you would expect your boss to say you are a great learner and you work hard and that he was sorry to lose you. Tell the interviewers that you would hope your boss tells them about all the achievements you recorded while you worked for them.

Many interviewers do ask some really silly questions but whatever you do, don’t let them know that you think their questions are dumb.  That’s the best way to fail an interview.

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