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6 Hidden Signs That You’re About to be Fired

Date Posted: 07/21/2017

Ito na yata ang pinakamalalang pwedeng mangyari sayo sa corporate world, ang maipatawag nang inyong HR Manager at mabigyan ng isang matinding termination letter.  Nakapanglulumo at nakakasira ng loob lalo na if it is unexpected. Some of us are spiritually talented and can foretell what is going to happen in the next couple of hours or days but the reality is that those who possess this instinct are very few. So if you are not among those people that can foretell and predict the future, paano mo malalaman kung parating na ang iyong corporate doomsday.

You can’t just be fired all of a sudden if it is not a mass corporate lay off. Madalas, there are indicative signs na nasa peligro na ang trabaho mo before you’re officially fired. The moment you start noticing any or the combinations of the signs below, it could be the right time for you to start looking for another job.

Your company reduces your workload.

If you’re in an important role and your company suddenly reduces your responsibility and puts you on a reduced special assignment while they take your core responsibilities away from you, please start updating your resume.  This situation could mean that whatever role you play in the company is either no longer required or that you are no longer key to the company’s needs. The logic HR’s employ here is simple: the less the importance of the role they ask you to play, the easier it is to show you the door.  Although you might still need to clarify whether the company is actually getting rid of you, or whether it is a general trend in the industry, it is a win-win situation for you if you start looking for another job.

Your boss starts acting differently and tense.

If you noticed that your once cordial boss has suddenly changed into a person that gets angry at the slightest mistake, becomes overly critical, kindly start looking for another job. However, you need to be careful when analyzing your boss’s reaction towards you. You should initially give him or her space and study what might have caused the change in their reaction. She might be going through a hard time at home, be really busy or has a lot on his mind. But get it clear: if this continues for a while without any apology or explanation, start making arrangement to get work elsewhere because you could be about to be fired.

You start getting critical reviews in writing rather than in person.

Watch out! The moment you start getting emails criticising your attendance, or your work from your boss, it is a telltale sign that your company is not happy with you and is gathering information on you in preparation to show you the door. Face it. Documenting your performance review in this way might be a sign that you are getting fired.

Your co-workers start behaving oddly.

Can I be totally honest with you? The moment you notice that your work mates have suddenly changed their interaction with you, know that something bad is about to happen to you. Be watchful and conscious of your co-workers’ reaction toward you. It is easier for them to see the clear writing on the wall that you are getting fire and this makes them start leaving you out of important meetings or giving you a pitiable look when they run into you. They may even purposely start avoiding you for the fear that they might slip-up and inform you that you will soon be.

When your company asks you take a break.

Hey, this is a serious red flag. Your HR manager might want you to believe that the leave of absence you’re asked to proceed on is good for you, but if after you ask for reasons for such kindness and you get vague feedback, you are about to be fired. Kindly take your time to start checking job listings in your field.

You can’t pinpoint it, but you feel something is wrong.

It begins with your gut telling you that something is wrong at your workplace. While you might not know exactly what is wrong, it is better to listen and be more vigilant. The unusual feeling that things are not the same, perhaps as a result of some subtle changes in your company it could be a telling sign that you’re about to be fired. You may need to ascertain if your gut is right, but you will also need to get prepared for the worst by getting ready to leave the company and seek a job elsewhere.

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