Career Tips

Ways to Advance your Career

Date Posted: 07/13/2016

Getting the job abroad you always wanted is just the start of a life-long career because eventually, you will want to progress. You can’t be stuck doing the same thing for years, it’s now time to advance your career! It won’t happen unless you make an effort for it to happen.

Here are some tips to help you make that happen:

You are certain.
Wanting to take a leap in your career is what everyone wants. However, before you are able to advance to a promotion, you have to be sure that you’re doing what you like or you are, beyond question, enjoying what you do. Dapat sigurado ka! Because when you do what you like, you’ll be committed to grow, dedicated in what you’re doing and be open to improvement.

Being the best at what you do.
Whether you are tasked to do paperwork, deliver mail, answer phone calls or check financial updates, do your job well. People will notice that you are good at what you do and it will create a strong impact. When your supervisor has a clear grasp of what you can do, you will get recognized for it. Sipag at tiyaga ang kailangan. Hard work will always pay off.

Improve your craft.
It is important that you do your best in every task but that doesn’t mean you hinder yourself from searching on ways to improve your craft. Improvement is what employers seek. They are hungry for workers who continuously learn, do better and upgrade themselves. You can set small goals that you can achieve over a year – it can either be learning a skill to add to your resume or to get rid of unnecessary habits that affect your work. The vital thing to remember is at the end of the day, the simple things you do to improve yourself and your work will always be beneficial for you.

It takes time.
Hindi minamadali ang kahit anong bagay. Progress does not happen within a month. It is a result of hard work, passion, and determination. Being frustrated over the fact that a colleague is already promoted ahead of you isn’t the right mindset. Don’t focus on the achievement of others, rather, focus on yourself and be inspired. Advancing in your career takes time. Take time to improve your craft, get feedback, build a network and show them what you’ve got!

Be committed.
Don’t believe in movies because no one will magically offer you the promotion you always dreamed of. Hindi telenovela ang trabaho. You, yourself, must be able to show that you are focused on moving forward not only to better yourself but also for the sake of the company as well. Being committed does not only mean you are focused, but it also connotes that you will do what is right to the best of your abilities.

When you don’t exert any effort to improve, you’ll always be stuck in the same job that you have been doing. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you, don’t relax and be satisfied, dare to do more! Always remember that in order to advance your career, the motivation won’t be given to you, it needs to start in you!

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