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15 Step Guide to Nailing Any job Interview

Date Posted: 07/27/2016

So you landed an interview for a job abroad. Now what? Interviews are arguably the most crucial part of any job application process, but most people have no idea how to navigate them. So how do you nail a job interview, regardless of the nature and course of the process? Here are a few basic tips:

1. Research.
Aral-aral din ‘pag may time. Check the website of the company you are applying to. Know anything and everything you can about the company, the work culture, the position, and yes, even the interviewer. This will help you assess your compatibility with the company and tailor your interview answers in the way that best fits what they’re looking for.

2. Practice, practice, practice.
No, the interview will not go exactly as you rehearsed it, but practicing and role-playing in front of a friend or relative will help when you actually attend the interview.

3. Calm your nerves.
Regardless of how much you rehearsed and prepared, you will be nervous. There is no way to avoid or deny it, but figuring out what works best for you will make it manageable. Do breathing exercises. Recite a mantra, meditate. Acknowledge that you are nervous and try to relax.

4. Know that you deserve the job.
The purpose of interviews is to convince the recruiters that you are qualified because you know you are; one of the easiest ways to ruin your confidence is to let them convince you otherwise. So it is important that you know, without any shadow of doubt, that you deserve to get the position, and resolve to prove it.

5. Be early.
“Sorry, traffic sa EDSA” is the worst possible (and unfortunately, the most commonly used) excuse for tardiness. Give yourself more than enough time to get to the interview so you’re not hot and bothered when you get to your destination. Remember: being too early is always better than being too late.

6. Bring a résumé and pen.
Like being punctual, being prepared with these and other essentials demonstrates your sincerity in getting the job. Borrowing things from the interviewer will give them a negative impression that you’re unprepared and therefore, tamad.

7. Dress appropriately.
Proper business attire is a must for both men and women. No crazy hairstyles or flashy clothes and under no circumstances tsinelas and jeans!

8. Turn the interview into a conversation.
…Because it is. Ask questions. Offer anecdotes and glimpses into your personality beyond the standard answers required by the standard questions. Parang relationship lang ‘yan. Dapat two-way.

9. The interviewer does not know you.
Just because you’ve listed down positions and achievements on your résumé doesn’t mean that your interviewer knows or understands your entire experience. Most interviewers only scan a resume and do not go into details about your job experience. Elaborate wherever you can.

10. Smile.
There is nothing that annoys and bores recruiters more than a candidate who looks disinterested. If you’re eager to get the job, show it with a genuine friendly smile not a nervous grin.

11. Answer just the question.
Make sure you understand the question and do not give answers that simply do not answer what is being asked. ‘Wag paligoy-ligoy. Sometimes trying too hard to give a complicated answer only confuses and annoys the interviewer.

12. Be honest.

13… but not TOO honest.
The key is knowing when to use a rehearsed answer and when to improvise; when to be open about your feelings and when to remain strictly professional. Know your place, your comfort level with the interviewer, and gauge the propriety of your answers based on them.

14. Listen.
Again, an interview should be a two-way conversation. Listening to what the interviewer is asking or saying is just as important as answering them. Paying attention to their anecdotes and explanations could also give you tips on how to answer succeeding questions.

15. End with a bang.
So you had your elevator speech all nailed down. You made a great first impression and established rapport with the interviewer. Great. But what most people fail to understand is that balewala lang ang lahat if you don’t make a good parting impression as well. So perfect that handshake, thank the interviewer, and exit the room with confidence. Achib!

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