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10 Signs the Interview Went Well

Date Posted: 06/30/2016

So, you’ve managed to get into an interview, you dressed well and had a great conversation with the interviewer. Pasado at matatanggap ka na kaya? Well, paano mo nga malalaman kung naging positive ba ang interview mo o hindi? Madalas, we tend to worry more on what we did wrong or how it went badly.

Instead, you should focus on what went well and what you did right in the interview.
Take a look at the 10 signs below to see if your interview went well:

1. You are invited for a second interview
Yay! The interviewer asks you to return for a second round of interviews, this is a good sign na naging okay ang first interview mo. Syempre, the hiring manager would not spend more time interviewing you if they felt that you were not the right person for the job.

2. The interviewer requests references
Kung ikaw ay hiningian na ng references, this just shows they are seriously interested in learning more about you. Keep this in mind, a company will spend time doing background checks and looking at references only if they feel that you could become a potential employee.

3. The interviewer asks how interested you are in the job
When the interviewer asks you what you think of the opportunity of getting a job, this is another great sign. Gusto talaga nilang malaman kung gaano ka kainteresado sa work at kung paano mo makakaya and surely, they are thinking about hiring you.

4. The interviewer introduces you to additional decision makers
You can tell that an interview is going well if the interviewer introduces you to people that weren’t on the schedule. Hindi sila magsasayang ng oras ng iba pang manager or senior executive sa company kung hindi nila mararamdaman na you’re a good potential employee for them.

5. The interview lasts longer than scheduled
Kung sakali naman ang interview mo na dapat ay isang oras lamang ay tumagal ng mas mahabang oras, it means the hiring manager was really interested in you. They wanted to talk some more with you rather than move onto the next item in their schedule.

6. The interviewer tells you to email or call them if you have any questions
It is normal for managers to hand out their business card, pero kung sinabi nila na you can call or email them anytime for questions, then this is a good sign. It shows that they are interested in you and want to engage you more.

7. The interviewer tells you when you’ll hear back from them
May mga companies na after the interview, you won’t hear anything from them while some companies have strict hiring timelines, which are also focused more on finding the right person, kahit tumagal na. When the interview ends, if the manager tells you when you’ll hear back from them, it means that they are considering you for the job. You are one of the potential candidates that they are strongly considering.

8. The interviewer shows positive body language
Observing the hiring manager’s body language can also be a good indicator if things went well or not. If the interviewer smiles, leans forwards and makes eye contact, it shows that they are engaging in the interview and interested in what you have to say.

9. You connected well with the interviewer
You can usually tell if you ‘click’ with someone. ‘Yung nakikipag-usap ka nang walang halong kaba, wala masyadong effort o parang nakikipagkuwentuhan lang sa kaibigan o there are a lot of smiles and laughs shared in the interview, then it is a clear sign that the interview went well.

10. Cultural fit
Hiring managers are often looking for people who will fit into their company well. Kung napunta na ang pag-uusap niyo kung paano ang working environment ng company at kung paano ka makikisama sa kanila, then this is a sign that you are doing good in the interview. They may also talk about how your specific skills can help the company solve current problems that they are facing.

None of these are a 100% guarantee that you will be getting the job. Pero kung napansin mo ang mga bagay na ito, there is a good chance that you did well and have a shot at getting the job. Kung hindi mo naman napansin ang mga signs na ito, don’t worry! At least from now on ay aware ka na kung naging mabuti ang interview mo o nag ‘click’ kayo ng hiring manager.

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