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Things You Should Never Tell Your Interviewer

Date Posted: 06/23/2016

Sa wakas at may interview ka na din for abroad! What’s next? You’ll get worried, lalo na if you haven’t interviewed for a job for a long while so -kailangan mo talagang maghanda. Sometimes you find yourself lost for words, nervous and unsure what you should and shouldn’t be saying to your interviewer. Well, just relax and here are some handy tips to refresh your memory, and set you on the right path for a positive and smooth flowing interview.

Positivity is key

The main thing to remember when interviewing for a new role abroad is that employers are looking for positive people with a ‘can do’ attitude. Huwag mong iisipin na baka hindi ka magustuhan o baka you’ll just fail. Remove all the negative vibes. Make sure that you wear a smile, kahit kinakabahan ka pa. This smile can help you show your willingness to listen, that you can be positively great at work, and that you are very much qualified for the role.

Never speak badly about a past employer

Madami ang gumagawa nang ganito and most people are even unaware that they have bad mouth their past employer.  We have all had not so good experiences with past employers, but it is essential that you do not mention this in a negative way at an interview. If, for example, you didn’t get on with your boss in your last role, do not tell your interviewer this. Simply make light of the situation and move on to more positive topics.

Think carefully when asked why you want a new job

If you are leaving your old job, try to keep your answer short and concise, but most importantly positive, whether it be to advance your career or that you are simply looking for a new challenge abroad. Hindi mo na kailangang mag-explain in detail kung may nangyaring hindi mo nagustuhan,kung may mali sa boss o company mo, o kung may nakaaway ka bang kasamahan sa trabaho.Masyado ding mababaw kung sasabihin mong you want to go abroad just to earn more money. So, you should really think about good reasons why you want this new job.

Don’t be negative about the job you are interviewing for

Minsan nangyayari din na you’ll get an interview with a job na hindi mo naman ganun ka-feel na minsan hindi din maiiwasang maging negative. Even if the job you are interviewing for isn’t quite your perfect job, for example, if you are a qualified nurse, but interviewing for a healthcare assistant role, make sure you still show you are keen and enthusiastic about the role you are interviewing for. Hindi mabuting sabihin na you would prefer another type of role, o na gagamitin mo lang ito na stepping stone until you can find your perfect job. The employer will want to know that you are enthusiastic and committed to the role you are interviewing for.

Never imply this is a short-term option

Kahit nag-aalinlangan ka if you just want to stay in the job for a short period, you can just keep it to yourself and always imply that it will be for a long while. No employer just wants to employ someone for a short amount of time, so huwag na huwag ka magkakamali na masabi na you have other plans for later in the year, or that the job you are interviewing for is just a stop gap while you are arranging to do other things. Kailangan mong ma-convince ang interviewer na you are looking to stay in the job for a long time. Commitment is really important to an employer.

Don’t undervalue your skills

Being too confident can also be a bad thing., Dapat you know how to properly sell yourself at an interview. Focus on your strengths and why you would be a good fit for the job. Never say that you don’t think you are overly qualified or you feel very under confident for the role. Even if there are areas you are worried about, explain that you are a quick learner and you are sure you can pick up anything you are not sure about very quickly. Employers like pro-active people who are willing to learn and improve.

Don’t avoid the Question

When you are being interviewed, make sure you try to answer the exact question the interviewer is asking you, at hindi yung malayo ang sagot na napupunta na sa ibang topics o iniiwasan mo talagang sagutin ang tanong. Minsan nangyayari ito when we are nervous and not able to listen properly and we start talking about irrelevant things. Huwag ka mag-panic, take a second before you answer any questions to think about what is being asked, and then answer the question clearly and concisely.

Don’t mention being fired

In case naman na you really got fired from your previous role, it is probably best not to mention this at all. If asked why you left, mag-isip ka ng ibang way of explaining like ‘I just didn’t feel like it was quite the right fit for me.’ Remember, no employer wants to feel like they are hiring an unreliable candidate.

Don’t immediately ask about working hours and holidays

Of course, kailangan mo naman malaman kung paano ang working conditions, kung ilang oras ba ang trabaho, but do not make this as one of your first questions lalo na kung about overtimes, rest days and holidays. Baka isipin lang ng interviewer na you are not committed and are only interested about when you WON’T be working instead of when you will be working.

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