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How to Negotiate For a Higher Salary

Date Posted: 10/7/2015

All salary negotiations center around what you are worth to the employer and what the employer is willing to pay for you. As such, there is no standard industry practice in settling salary. Some companies are known to steamroller candidates into accepting the job before revealing any salary structure. This is not good for you... Read More

Recognizing Burnout at Work and How to Fix It

Date Posted: 09/17/2015

Research shows that a little on-the-job stress is good for you but what’s not healthy is when stress turns into burnout.  Most demanding non-repetitive jobs guarantee some stress and it’s natural for energy levels to fluctuate from day to day.  However, complete work burnout affects your total well-being, career and even personal health and relationships.... Read More

After the Interview – Key Steps to Get That Overseas Job

Date Posted: 09/4/2015

So you did see that recruitment ad looking for someone like you. Were you pleasantly surprised at how closely the desired profile and your own strengths seemed to match?  So finally, after all the searching and waiting, some organization abroad needed your skills and called you for that first interview. But you have not got... Read More

Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder

Date Posted: 08/13/2015

If you wonder why you are getting nowhere in your job although you work so diligently and hard, take a pause. Are you always busy trying to be more productive? Are you always switching from one task to the next without completing it or trying to do many things at once? Are you just about... Read More

Resume Mistakes You are Making

Date Posted: 07/23/2015

Your resume is your first handshake with a potential overseas employer. So you have to make sure to impress. To do that, you must present a well-made profile that will correctly reflect “YOU” by relating your experience to the jobs requirements. To do this, you must mention the nature of your past work, extent of... Read More

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