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What Do These Ten Interview Questions Really Mean?

Date Posted: 05/23/2016

During an interview for an overseas job, many questions are asked of applicants. Some of them are very easy to answer and some are odd to try to answer. Here are the top 10 interview questions! What are your weaknesses? This is a classic interview question for jobs overseas because it is uncomfortable to answer!... Read More

Tips for Acing Your First Few Weeks at a New Job

Date Posted: 05/6/2016

Starting a new job abroad can bring anyone anxiety, iyong tipong mapapaisip ka kung nagawa mo nang tama ang work mo, okay ba ang pakikitungo sa mga kasamahan mo, at kung anu-ano pa. Normal naman ang feeling na ganito as you are entering a new environment and meeting new people. The saying ‘you don’t get... Read More

How to Write a Thank You Email After a Job Interview

Date Posted: 04/26/2016

Everyone likes to hear “Thank You” or “Salamat”.  When you hold a door open for someone and you hear them say “thank you”, somehow it makes you feel good.  If you don’t hear it you feel bad, unappreciated even.  To hold a door open takes a few seconds, an interview on the other hand takes... Read More

8 Smart Ways to Make Recruiters Like You and Your Resume

Date Posted: 03/31/2016

Alam mo ba na magastos din para sa mga recruiters ang magkamali sa pag-hire kaya naman they are acutely aware and use their experience to analyze candidates’ replies to questions. Pero hindi lang basihan ang mga sinasagot sa interviews, they also interpret answers from various angles like intelligence, body language, clear speech, etc. Madalas, they... Read More

What Separates Successful and Unsuccessful People?

Date Posted: 02/24/2016

If you are to look at your current status in life, masasabi mo bang you are successful or not? Sa tingin mo ba there are factors that distinguish a person as successful or unsuccessful? Meron bang secret formula book or movie to read or see in order to become a successful person? Quite simply, the... Read More

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