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How to Successfully Change Career Paths

Date Posted: 03/19/2019

Are you at that point in your career when you’re considering a career change? It maybe something floating at the back of your mind, or be something you’re seriously thinking about doing. Sumusuko ka na ba? O baka may pinagdadaanan ka lamang at nasa magulong sitwasyon ngayon?

 Hindi ito madali at hindi basta-basta lamang. Changing careers is a risk. But it may also be the best decision you ever made. The only way to know is if you actually push through with it.

Before actually doing it, reviewing some factors surrounding your career change will: 1.) help make the transition less rocky, and 2.) help you in your decision-making process.

Evaluate your wants and needs with your skills

Sa wakas, natiyak mo nang magpapalit ka ng karera. The question is, what’s next? It’s better to have a clear path that you will pursue once you decide to make the change instead of just floating around. How will you know what that is? First, is by evaluating yourself. Ito na ang tamang oras para mapagisa ka at magmuni-muni.

Reflect on these:

Bakit hindi ka na masaya sa iyong kasalukuyang trabaho? Is it the actual job or maybe some other factors involved?

What job would match your wants, needs, and skills?

Saan ka ba magaling o mahusay?

What would I do if I had complete control of my time and choice? Ano ang iyong passion sa buhay?

What job fulfills both my financial needs as well as my personal desires?

Consider taking baby steps

Before making a career shift, try testing if what you plan to pursue is really for you. For example, if you’re considering a career in the baking business, you could do it part time first so you can see if you really want to turn it into a career. Also, talking to people who are pursuing the career you want will give you a clearer picture on what having that career will be like in the future.

Evaluate its feasibility

Everybody has their dream job. How feasible is yours? Will you be able to pay your bills? Is it sustainable? Take this into consideration before pursuing the career switch.

Know the consequences of your actions

For example, you decide to go freelance or start your own business. Remember that this will require you to have some savings you can fall back on. Regular gigs might not come in the first months of freelancing and you will need a substantial amount if you plan to start your own business. Do you have enough money saved up to sustain your lifestyle until you are successful?

Consider the time element

You can’t always wait for the perfect time, but you do have to be aware of what’s happening to you and around you. Maybe you’ve just started your job and perhaps it’s too early to tell if you need to either switch careers or move abroad to a new country. Also, you may not be doing your dream job, but it might help you develop connections and skills needed for your next career move to a much better paying job abroad. Alternatively, staying put could be the correct decision at this point in time.

Sa kahit ano man na iyong mapipiling gawin, maging matapang at magtiwala lang sa iyong sarili! Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s time to pursue a career change, move to a job abroad or not. Just be smart about your decisions and remember, hindi mo ito kailangang gawin mag-isa! You have friends and family around you who will be happy to help you in your endeavor.






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