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How to Turn Your Dream into An Accomplishment

Date Posted: 03/7/2019

Everybody has a dream, something you yearn to happen in your life. While dreaming is practically free and effortless, making it a reality isn’t. Not really. You have to pay your dues. Sacrifices have to be made. Now, don’t get overwhelmed just yet. It has been done by many.

The first step? Turn your dream into a goal. Once it’s a goal, the work begins.

Goals don’t have to be big. Sabi nga, you can “start small”.

Okay, let’s begin.

Set a Specific Goal

Focus. Think of what you really want to accomplish, and write it down. The danger of trying to accomplish too much is that the time span needed is too long and you lose focus and give up. So think hard of what you want to accomplish in a day or a week. Learn to focus and prioritize.

Break it Down to Micro-goals

No goal is accomplished in the blink of an eye. For example, if you want to be a graphic artist and have the talent, the first step you would need to do is to create a portfolio. Think of a big event coming up, and create an event concept including a checklist and timelines of the things that you need to accomplish for the event. It can be any other concept that you think you would be good at. Practice makes perfect!

Get Ready to Commit

Hindi lang pang relationship ang commitment, sa goals rin! Once you’ve set the things you’re out to accomplish, commit. Be ready to make the sacrifices needed to accomplish your goal. Do you want to see the latest Avengers movie or do you need to work a little more at office to meet your deadlines and goals?

Nothing Beats Doing the Actual Work

Good ol’ hard work. Hindi binabayaran ang success, tina-trabaho. It is the linking chain between a goal and an accomplishment. Hard work will make you tired and sometimes stressed. It will require you to make sacrifices. So just prepare yourself for the fact that hard work is something you are going to enjoy because it will give you enormous satisfaction and joy when you achieve your goal

Give Yourself a Deadline

Set deadlines for your goals and work hard at meeting them. Time doesn’t stop, so taking your sweet time to finish your goals doesn’t really apply. Without deadlines, there is no real progress.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Sometimes, you make mistakes. There will be challenges. It’s part of life and no one is perfect. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn from mistakes, and grow. You might even want to write down what you have learned so you can better understand yourself.

Keep Going

Sometimes, you will feel as if what you’re doing isn’t producing the results that you want. This is normal. But you can’t let it get the better of you. Trust yourself and trust the process. Keep going and you will improve so don’t give up!

Go Back to Your Roots

Whenever you feel like you’ll burn out, remember why you started the process in the first place. Rekindle your passion. It’s okay to take a break to do this. Find your way back, and work again to reach your goal

Though the process of achieving a goal is tough, it is very possible. We hope that you have learned a thing or two from these few pointers. Have an inspiring productive and goal setting day!

Kaya mo yan! I-push mo lang! Let’s go!

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