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Let Go to Move On

Date Posted: 02/13/2018

Do you want more out of your career and out of life in general? Do you have dreams for your future that you don’t know how to achieve? Unfortunately, we oftentimes don’t realize that we serve as our own largest obstacle in moving forward with ambitions. If you feel like you are holding yourself back from living or working at your fullest potential, it might be time for a bit of honest self-enquiry. When you are ready for advancement, letting go of these four common qualities will help you grow, both personally and professionally.


As human beings, we are constantly changing. Although it might seem obvious that our daily lives should evolve with our bodies and minds, it is actually quite easy to get stuck in a routine. Although familiarity is comfortable, in order to progress in life, you must have the desire to do so. Contentment is a positive quality that is necessary for finding peace along your path, but apathy, complacency and boredom all lead to stagnancy. If you feel like your schedule has become too predictable or uninspiring, try making a list of new skills, attributes or experiences that you would like to incorporate into your lifestyle and go for them!

The Past

It might seem counter-intuitive, but in order to move ahead, you must stay present. Although the past has profoundly influenced who you are today, dwelling on parts of our lives that no longer serve us (such as regret, resentment, past relationships, jobs or negative feelings) is harmful to both self-esteem and self-development. There is nothing we can do to change what has already happened. What we can change is how our future unfolds, and the best way to do this is to focus on being fully engaged in embracing the present moment. If letting go of the past seems challenging, make a list of former experiences you’d like to release from your life and either tear it up and throw it away or burn it with the intention to clear space for new endeavors.


This might sound cheesy, but you can do it. Self-confidence begins from within, but once you harness this quality, it radiates throughout your being and affects everyone around you. Optimism and positivity are contagious because when you feel your best, others are inspired to be the best versions of themselves as well. Do you ever notice how both fortunate and unfortunate experiences tend to present themselves in multiples? If you believe in yourself, smile and share your dreams with others, positive experiences will come your way. As an exercise in overcoming self-doubt, make a list of three things you hold yourself back from achieving; then, come up with a plan to follow through with these aspirations.


We are often so focused on what we think we need to do that we aren’t able to see the opportunities that manifest in our daily lives. By releasing expectations of how your life “should” be, you prevent disappointment if things do not go exactly as you have planned. Sometimes in life, we just need to sit back, accept that we can’t always have control and go with the flow of circumstances that present themselves. Practice being open and receptive to anything that comes your way and a life full of possibilities will await you.

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