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6 Reasons You’re Not Getting A Promotion

Date Posted: 02/7/2018

Pa-ulit ulit na lang ba ang work mo? Pakiramdam mo ba para ka na lang robot na nagtatrabaho? Walang growth? Walang dumadating na promotion? If so, perhaps your work style and attitude are actually indicating that you’re not quite ready to progress from your current position. Para makasiguro ka na tama ang ginagawa mo at may future ka for promotion, take a look over these five common reasons that your employer might not consider you for an advancement.

You Haven’t Grown

If you’re looking to take on more and new responsibilities at work, mahalaga na maipakita mo na ready ka na talaga. Tanungin mo ang sarili mo – What makes you a more experienced and better employee now than when you were hired? Have you learned new skills, taken classes or participated in workshops for personal or professional growth? If there is a position that you would like to advance to, take steps to make sure that you are qualified to meet its demands.

You’re Not Proactive

Do you wait until tasks are assigned to you or are you always on the lookout for work that needs to be completed and ways to be more efficient? By being proactive, you signal to your boss that you are ready for the challenges involved with a higher-level position. If you are hoping to be promoted to a managerial role, kailangan mong patunayan sa boss mo at sa sarili mo that you have the ability to be a self-starter and an authority figure to others.

You Lack Confidence

If you have confidence in yourself, others will have confidence in you too. Are you intimidated by your boss and colleagues, or do you feel comfortable and self-assured with your ability to work as part of a team? By showing that you can manage your own responsibilities while helping and at the same time respecting the roles of others, you can demonstrate that you are receptive to career growth and the challenges that come with it. In other words, if you want to be a leader in your company, act like one.

You Don’t Respond to Feedback

The manner in which you react to suggestions or criticism can also affect whether your boss thinks you are worthy of a promotion. Are you open and receptive to advice, or nagiging defensive ka when others critique your work? Striving for self-improvement, both personally and with regard to your workplace achievements is an important factor in advancing toward professional growth.

You Are Negative

Do you gossip, grumble about tasks that don’t excite you or puro ka reklamo sa boss mo or sa mga ka-trabaho mo? Employees of a business depend on the encouragement and support of their superiors, so if you would like to be in a position of management and earn the respect of others, it is important to practice being positive and understanding of everyone around you.

You Haven’t Asked

Do you honestly feel like you are doing the best work that you can with a positive attitude and a propensity to grow? Your boss can’t read your mind, so if you feel like you deserve a promotion, go ahead and ask for it. Explain why you feel you deserve it; and show examples where you have gone over and above your line of duties include personal qualities, workplace accomplishments that you are proud of and your career dreams. Even if you don’t get promoted immediately, voicing your desire to excel at work demonstrates to your employer that you are dedicated to the company, ready for advancement and excited to embrace new challenges.

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