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8 Reasons to Look for a New Job

Date Posted: 12/13/2017

8 Reasons to Look for a New Job

Hindi madali mag-palipat lipat ng work pero minsan hindi talaga natin ito maiwasan. You may have put behind you the many years spent at the firm you were with, as well to as say good bye to the personal connections you have made. Furthermore, moving to a new job can be a daunting task in an unfamiliar environment. Ngunit kahit ganito, minsan kailangan natin mag move forward and take the risk for a next level career. Perhaps you are stuck at a dead-end job, or the sector you work in is headed in a direction you are not interested in. In some cases a job change is necessary in order to reach your full potential. Ang importanteng katanungan dito ay paano mo nga malalaman kung time na para maghanap ng bagong trabaho. Take a look at the following 8 reasons to find out.

Better job prospects for the future:

Ang kadalasang rason sa paghanap ng bagong trabaho ay para sa mas malaking kita or sahod o kaya career development for your future. Perhaps the sector you are currently in is headed in a direction you don’t want to go. Another possibility is that your employer is about to fail, meaning that there is no future in your current job. It is important to keep updated on the status of the company you work for, so that when you notice it starting to fail you can make a move on to another better job.

Conflicts at your current job

You might be coming across ethical conflicts at your current job, in which case finding a new job is a possible solution. However, keep in mind that you should avoid badmouthing the company during interviews and avoid burning bridges. Alternatively, you may not like the company culture or work hours. Perhaps the size of the company is not a match for you. Bigger companies are often more formal and structured, while smaller companies tend to be more familiar and close knit. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to the type of company they want to work for.

Your personal life is changing

When you have big changes in your life, such as marriage or birth of a baby, it is important to assess the suitability of your job to your new personal life. Alternatively, you may naturally be ready for a career change. Similar to personal life changes, sometimes it is simply time to make a big change in your career, shifting to an entirely new job.

Challenge yourself

You may have found a better job that is a great match for your skills, and you are simply going for an exciting opportunity. Finding a new job that excites and challenges you can help stave off workplace boredom and depression.

Expose yourself to new skills and knowledge

Staying in the same company for too long can sometimes work against you. You stop learning new skills as you are not exposed to different jobs. A change of jobs puts you in fresh situations that can help you expand your knowledge and further refine your skillset (perhaps even learning new skills altogether).

Job security and increased earnings

Changes and shifts within the company you work for may put your previously secure job at risk. For example a new replacement manager may not realize or appreciate your efforts, perhaps even taking you off the team. Other changes also include increasing staff cuts, your company getting bought out, or mergers with other companies, all of which could lead to decreased job security. Furthermore, you may be getting raises, but not increasing your salary at nearly as fast a rate as if you were to accept a new job.

For the sake of your own emotional well-being and safety

While it can be tough and even traumatic to leave a job, sometimes staying can be even worse. Kapag hindi ka na emotionally healthy sa trabaho this can lead to physical unwellness, such as in the case of a burn out. Reasons for being unwell emotionally could stem from an unkind boss or co-workers. While you should try to solve the problem with other means first, if all else fails it is best to find another job where you won’t be bullied or neglected.

Keeping yourself on the market

Even if you are content with your current job, you should keep yourself on the market. Keep your online work profiles updated and stay up to date with current job offerings. This will allow recruiters to reach out to you with better job offers. If you score an interview, make sure to go, as you never know what you might gain out of the conversation. Perhaps a better job offer, or at the very least you will be able to practice your interview and networking skills.

Keep in mind these points when you are facing the tough decision of whether to move onto a new job or not. Take into account all factors, and remember that in the end the decision belongs to you.

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