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When is the Right Time to Quit Your Job?

Date Posted: 11/17/2017

Feeling lost, unmotivated, or frustrated at work? Nagbibilang ka na lang ba ng oras at minuto bago makalaya na sa office at makauwi? Here are 6 signs that it may be time to make a change or quit your job.

1. You feel unmotivated with no progress in sight.

You’ve been stuck in the same position for a while, with the same role, at naging boring routine na lang araw-araw. It doesn’t look like there’s opportunity for progress, promotion, or growth in the near future. Without clear goals or targets in mind, whether it’s personal or work-related, it’s easy to lose motivation. Maybe it’s time for a fresh start.

2. There are less benefits than your contributed value.

You’re not getting enough out of work. Feeling mo ba ang dami mo ng pagod at effort but you’re not reaping the rewards of your effort. There isn’t enough opportunity for you to reach out and shine, or maybe you aren’t being recognized for your hard work. If you’re not being appreciated, it’s time to hand in that notice and find a more encouraging and motivating workplace.

3. You feel lost and unhappy.

If it’s not because you are working in a foreign country and missing family and home, it could be because the company you’re working for simply isn’t the right fit for you. This occurs quite often and even though you perform your duties well, parang may kulang pa din. This comes down to the mismatch between employer and employee, whether it’s the views and goals of the company, the work culture and environment, or not being able to integrate smoothly with colleagues and bosses.

4. There is negativity within the workplace.

Puro negative vibes ba sa office? If your workplace is toxic, you dread going into work, and finish the day feeling exhausted and frustrated, and can’t wait to get out of the door. When colleagues are unmotivated, or your boss is manipulative or isn’t committed, it’s not a healthy place to be working in and will take a toll on your own quality of work and personal life. When people aren’t collaborative and forward-minded in a team-based environment, you can’t perform to your maximum potential. When work ethics don’t align and differences cannot be resolved, you’re in the wrong place. It’s a strong signal to leave.

5. You can do more than your role allows.

Occasionally, people take jobs that they’re overqualified for, for various reasons, including for much better pay, or because they need it to get by for the time being. Do you have a university degree, but are stuck serving coffee and cakes? Staying for a long period in jobs you are overqualified for will only contribute to a lower morale and bitterness when you know you’re capable of much more. Keep looking till you find a better matching job that your investment in education allows.

6. You’re constantly thinking of other ways to use your time, while counting down the hours at work.

This is a very important sign that it’s time for a change. If you spend your work day dreaming about different, more productive ways to use your time and earn money, and you’re telling your friends about the different things you could be doing, then you absolutely need to change and start afresh, whether it’s at a new company or a different career path. Follow something you’re passionate about, so you can bring your best and earn the most.

Don’t waste time, take the leap, be the best that you can be, and get paid well for it! There’s nothing better than working in a role you look forward to every day, being inspired, motivating others around you, and thriving in the workplace.

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