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How to Shine in Your Place of Work

Date Posted: 10/19/2017

In your career, it is important to set goals and strive to accomplish them.  Madaling sabihin pero mahirap gawin, di ba? Well, to do so, you want to work hard, take initiative, and earn the respect of your coworkers and your boss. It is wonderful to have ambition, to have a dream you are determined to achieve, but you must also be careful with how far you take your ambition – there is a fine line between being appropriately ambitious, and too ambitious. Dapat yung abot kaya mo naman kahit mahirap basta hindi sobrang imposibleng mangyari.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to stand out at your place of work. However, if you try too hard to stand out, if you constantly seek to steal the spotlight from your colleagues, or even your boss, you risk stepping into dangerous territory. Being outstanding in your place of work doesn’t necessarily mean you have to try to perform better than your boss. That is not your job. In fact, considerately acknowledging authority boosts your boss’s appreciation of you just as much as achieving the top sales, production results or whatever your job description may be.

In summary, being your best is often worth more to an employer than by trying too hard to be the best. Here are a few tips on how to truly shine at your place of work:

Setting (and surpassing) your own expectations

Setting expectations for yourself – expectations determined by your own standards, rather than those created only in comparison to someone else’s – pushes you to achieve your personal goals. Of course, your boss will assign you objectives as well, but how you go about achieving those objectives is up to you. By setting expectations, and then working hard to surpass them, you are immediately seen as a motivated employee, willing to take initiative. This way, instead of making a point of getting noticed, your boss will simply take notice of your work performance naturally, and admire you all the more for it.

Assess your motivation

After setting those expectations, be sure to evaluate your motivation behind striving to reach them. Are you doing so only because you want to steal the job from someone higher up than you? Do you have your sights set on better pay, better perks, not caring about who you take down in the process so long as you outshine them? If this is your motivation, mag-ingat ka as it can all too easily backfire. Greed and arrogant ambition don’t pay off as well as some might believe; it is better to motivate yourself out of passion for your job and a desire to give it your all, because you care about meeting your expectations and your boss’s expectations, not because of some ulterior agenda.

Respect the job

Basically, it comes down to respect. Respecting your fellow employees, your responsibilities, and your boss. Maybe this sounds boring, or even passive, as if you are being instructed to set aside your dreams and aspirations, to keep your head down, and blend in with the crowd. Not at all! If you are known for the respect you show everyone in your place at work, this will inspire welcome attention, rather than resentment. By working hard while remaining humble and personable, you will truly shine, in a manner that is appreciated, instead of threatening.

Aspire to stand out in your workplace, especially in the eyes of your boss. By focusing on doing your best, and being your best, you will be noticed by your boss in a way that is natural (and praised), with positive results that will prove that you’ve not only met your goal, but have outshined even your own highest expectations.

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