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How to Write a Perfect Resume for Someone with No Experience

Date Posted: 09/7/2017

The resume is a written document that sums up your experiences, and acts almost like a “self-advertisement”. It is a key part of any job application, as it gives your prospective employer a chance to quickly see if you are qualified for the job you are applying for.  So, paano na lang kung wala ka pang work experience? How can you even construct a resume without it? What if this is your very first resume? Not to worry, as even without experience, you can still construct a solid resume that will help get your foot in the door for an interview, or even land you a job.

Here are 7 key tips for writing the perfect resume for someone with no work experience:

Clean and easy to read layout

Use a consistent and clear font and date format throughout the resume. Organize your resume so that the key information is in the center of the resume, where recruiters usually scan for it. Make sure to also proofread your resume when done, for spelling or grammar errors. Kung maari magpatulong ka din sa friends mo para ma-double check nang mabuti at baka may maidagdag pa sila.

Summary at the top

Make your goals clear with a quick summary at the top of the resume. Use 2-3 sentences to explain who you are and what you can do for the employer. Also include your goals, but remember to be brief and concise. Highlight your skills and past education in this section, to make up for a lack of experience. Para mas mapadali ang pagsulat mo ng summary, ask yourself what type of job you are seeking, in what sector, and in what niche. What tools do you want to work with and how do you hope to help the company?

Contact information and professional profile.

Your resume should have important contact information, as well as the link to any LinkedIn or other professional profile page. Even if you don’t have any online professional profiles, go ahead and create one and link it anyways. It is important to start building good social media habits. Think of the profile as a starting point to build on in the future.

Look closely at the job description

Use the job description to your advantage. Look at the keywords that indicate what the recruiter is looking for in an applicant. Make sure that the job you are applying for is one you want, and that you can fulfill what is expected of the job position. Then go ahead and address those keywords in your resume, as well as use them.

Dig deeper for experience

You have a lot more experience that you think you have.  Makakatulong dito yung mga extra-curricular activities na sinalihan mo sa school o sa barangay,o baka may nagawa ka na din part-time jobs. Nevertheless, see if any aspects of your experience are applicable to the job and focus on highlighting those aspects of the experience.

For example, experience as a waitress may not seem like much, however if you look at the skills, you will see that you may have developed skills in multitasking, customer service, and even sales. These specific skills could be of value to recruiters. Don’t forget to also look at voluntary work as well. If all else fails, think of the skills you’ve practiced or learned in your own time that are applicable instead.

Put in your selling points

Put an emphasis on any positive information about yourself that is relevant. Put down your past education and achievements, as this becomes the strongest and most important part of the resume. That is why it should be in the center of the resume. Put down information from high school or university that can help show that you were a well-rounded student.

Don’t pad your resume

Lastly, don’t try to pad out your resume with irrelevant information. The space on your resume page is valuable; so don’t clutter it up with irrelevant information that will only detract from the relevant details. Hindi mo na kailangan maglagay ng “references upon request” at the bottom, the employer will know to request further information if they need it. Avoid listing out unrelated hobbies, or excessive personal information beyond basic contact information and professional profile link.

Keep these steps in mind, and you will have an impressive resume in no time, even if you have no experience.

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