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5 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You in Your Work Life

Date Posted: 08/24/2017

Siguro napaka-suwerte mo na kung may boss kang concern sa work life balance, madaling kausap at totoong tao sa harap mo pero in reality your boss’s job is to get the most out of you at work while it is up to you to get the most out of your work life balance.  If you are waiting for your boss to tell you what to do to be happy in your life, here are five things you should not expect your boss to tell you.

1. Your boss won’t tell you he knows you are lying about illness

Lahat tayo guilty dito, many employees are in the habit of faking illnesses and call the boss to say they are sick when in fact they are not. A study says some bosses will check and discover the truth but when they do find out you lied, don’t be surprised if they welcome you back to the office the next day with open arms and smiles and ask how you are feeling while they place you on a watch list for firing.

Siguro eto na ang huling bagay na gusto mo gawin sa boss mo , never lie to your bosses because when they do find out, you won’t hear from them their plan to let you go until the severance letter is served. Kung importante at kinakailangan mo naman  to take time off from work, it is better to ask formally and get their blessing rather than faking illness as it may boomerang when you least expect.

According to a CareerBuilder survey of bosses’ reaction to faking illnesses by employees, 30% of bosses checking without the staff knowing. Medyo OA but some employers will also check the employees social media for updates and activities, and some even hire private investigators to check the validity of illness claims. So the next time you want to fake an illness, know that your boss may check but will never tell you they did.

2. It’s time for a vacation because you work too much

You must have read about time management and work life balance, madalas napapabayaan or perhaps you are not giving this any consideration. You need to know that all work without play can make you burn out and fail or not do as well at your job.  The psychological impact of work without breaks will not only effect your work but also your family life. Suntok sa buwan or isang himala kung marinig mo sa boss mo na pinagbabakasyon ka niya because you work too much or too hard.

You should know that it’s your own responsibility to take care of your health and social, family life.  Unless you ask to go on leave, do not expect your boss to remind you to take leave or go for a vacation.

3. You are in the wrong job

Your boss may complain if you are clumsy at your job, pero kahit anung kapalpakan mo he will never tell you to get a new job because the one you do right now is wrong for you and that it will lead you nowhere.  Kung nararamdaman mo na hindi nababagay sayo yung career mo ngayon, you need to remember that your boss is not meant to plan your career for you and will never advise you to leave for something more befitting and reassuring for your career.

It is your responsibility to find out what job is good or not good for you and if you look closely, you should find the signs to know you are in the right job or not. And when you do find out, the best thing for you to do is come up with your exit plan to leave the old job and find the career you want. Do not wait for your boss to tell you that you are in a dead-end career that will lead you nowhere; it is your job to discover it.

4. The same razor that gives you a clean shave can cut you badly

Be careful in your relationship with your boss as too deep or close a relationship might lead to sharing sensitive information that may hurt you in the future when and if problems arise or the relationship become sour. It is true that being closer and a friend to your boss can earn you many perks, but it can also be harmful.  You need to know that the information you share today about your life may come in handy for your boss in taking a decision against you tomorrow.

You need to know that when a relationship between a boss and subordinate becomes tense, your boss will use whatever information he has about you to his advantage not yours. If at all you find yourself in the good books of your boss, make sure you don’t cross the line of official hierarchy. So tamang distansya lang o para maging safe at all times maging professional lang dapat sa pakikitungo sa iyong boss.

5. Your attitude is as important as your job

Office life is a business work environment, but you must know that it is also a social setting where human relations are important in getting the job done. You may be excellent at your job, and your boss knows this, but your attitude may be one problem you need to fix to get that promotion. If you are wondering why your next workmates are getting promotion and you seem to be in the same spot when you should be getting a raise, know that there is something with your attitude that needs checking, but your boss will not tell you.

Although you do get the praise of a good job from your boss, he is not the only one responsible for the task of promoting you, you are the sum of your actions, and it is your actions that are responsible for the recommendation for a promotion.

In your work life, you need to understand your responsibility to interact well with your co-worker and people you come into contact with.  Your attitude towards other goes a long way to determining how others see you, both on a personal level and your work life. Iwasan ang bad vibes at mas masaya naman ang buhay kung laging positive ang pakikitungo ng bawat isa sa work place.

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