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The Value of Thanking Employees

Date Posted: 12/19/2016

The Value of Thanking Employees“Thank you.”

Neither a well written essay nor a flawlessly delivered speech can top a 2-worded expression from being the most genuine and heartfelt appreciation a person can give to another.

A simple Thank You – it can make a difference.

Giving gratitude whenever it is due can provide a positive effect on every employee. Just a simple 2-word sentence will be able to build one’s confidence or make anyone’s day. And when you add a little bit of praise and a nice gesture, it will definitely inspire the workforce to do a better job.

Currently, it is a well-known fact that due to circumstances outside one’s control (e.g. traffic), some employees work for longer hours, spend less time with their families or suffer less pay, sometimes without perks. But by extending your gratitude, it can lighten your employees’ mood which can affect their performance as well as their loyalty to the company.

Researchers have found that 78% of people work harder in their jobs if they are recognized. It is human nature to respond positively if they are treated well and it creates a ripple effect. When the praise comes from their managers or supervisors, they feel that they are valued and appreciated. It is better to say “thank you” regularly whenever a task is completed rather than letting them know just once in a while.

Giving gratitude in different ways
You can always say thank you but you can also express your thanks in different ways.

Say it: Nothing comes close to a genuine verbal communication expressing your appreciation.

Provide feedback: If an employee has done a great job in a written report, a presentation, or responded with imagination to an important email, you can reply with a simple thanks and provide specific reasons as to why she did a job well so that your employee will be able to know what they should maintain and improve.

Share it: Praises given in public will boost anyone’s confidence positively. You can send an email copying everyone telling them a certain employee did an amazing job or you can invite everyone to a conference highlighting an employee’s achievement.

Give incentives: A nice lunch treat, free transportation, a bottle of wine to take home or any other tangible gift you feel like giving to an employee for his or her contribution to a project will always be appreciated.

It’s worth a surprise: Leave a gift certificate, a latte, a cake, or additional vacation leave or maybe ask them to go home early as a thank you!

Future success is created by present actions. Making an effort to let your employees know that they are performing well, and are outstanding in the task you have assigned will make them feel special. It will raise their standard of work because they will be push themselves to perform better.

Thank your employees, give credit where it is due but do it genuinely. Nothing beats simple praise – it creates a ray of sunlight during a dull day. Be the light for your employees.

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