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6 Bad Work Personalities

Date Posted: 11/14/2016

6 Bad Work PersonalitiesA toxic employee can cost your company money by slowing down productivity.  The greater cost and damage they do is in the effect they have on their co-workers.  Many surveys show that good employees leave because of their frustration in dealing with a bad co-worker.

Not all toxic workers are aggressive so it’s important to recognize traits that can help you identify bad work personalities.  Here are some signs of the most despised work personalities:


This person dilly-dally for hours with every job.  They can’t make up their minds and go this way and that resulting in every job they are given being delayed.

Lone Wolf

An unsociable person who also refuse to work as a team member.  Does not make any suggestions and insists on working alone.  The lone wolf also does not share any information or ask questions thus resulting in their work not being done the way it should be and causes the whole team a lot of extra time and work in deciphering what the lone wolf has done.


The pessimist has a disposition that always looks at the dark side and expects the worst in all things.  With no reason or proof, every idea is shot down with a “This won’t work” and every task is looked at with a feeling that things will turn out badly.  Giving this personality any credence will demotivate the whole team with negative energy.


Every feasible suggestion or solution is contradicted or criticized.  This toxic person is a past master at finding flaws not solutions.  They believe that contradiction makes them smart.  Even if they are smart, disagreeing with every suggestion without making any concrete alternative suggestions makes no contribution at all.

Boss Pleaser

Most managers tend to agree with their higher bosses and carry out the tasks they are asked to do.  However, the toxic supervisor says “yes” to the boss and then passing the buck to their team without doing any work themselves.  They say “yes” just to impress the higher bosses that a job can be done when they know it cannot and then blame the team or their subordinates when things go wrong.

Demanding Boss

A boss, who never seems to be satisfied with the outcome of their team just demotivates everyone.  Making suggestions and helping a team do better never occurs to the toxic manager who leads through fear and thinks this is the most effective way to manage a team.

Bad employees with poor attitude do exist at work. They come in every form and no workplace is without them. Managers need to understand that these employees also cause problems with colleagues and customers alike. If employees with bad attitudes are not dealt with well, it can create strained relationships in the whole organization and sap the time, energy and productivity of even the best teams.

Recognize some of the above traits in your staff so you can correct them if you can and, if not, let them go or you stand to lose many of your good employees because of them.

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