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Don’t Leave a Job Interview Without Asking Questions

Date Posted: 09/19/2016

More often than not, most job aspirants do not ask questions at an interview; rather, they just wait for the interviewer to ask them questions. Minsan, nahihiya silang magtanong. A mistake that can be prevented because to ask questions at the right time means you are keen on what the job entails and most interviewers are impressed with job candidates who are confident enough to ask questions themselves.

But what to ask to an interviewer?

Here are 7 questions you can ask that can impress your interviewers:

1. How would you describe the responsibilities of this position?
This is a question that can make the interviewers think you’re already excited about the job. You will seem enthusiastic and this will give you points! Also, by asking this question, you’ll have an idea of the possible tasks you’ll be doing if you’re hired.

2. Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?
By engaging this conversation, the interviewer will know that you are eager to be part of a group and will fit in with other workers.

3. Are there prospects for advancement?
This question will show that you’re ambitious and willing to learn and advance in your career. It will also show that you plan to stay on with the company.

4. What do staff like most about working here?
Highlighting the positive things about the company not only leaves the impression of your curiosity about wanting the job, but also your interest in the company.

5. As I was researching your company, I read that _____________, can you elaborate more about this expansion?
Once you ask this question, the interviewer will know that you researched them and it means you took the trouble to be prepared for the interview. Most interviewers fail the job applicants because they have no idea what the company they are applying to does.

6. With my experience, what would be the greatest challenge for me?
Being hopeful sets the mood for interviewers to give you feedback. It gives off the feeling of you are yearning for this job. And by being very interested means you’re going to perform well.

7. When can I expect to hear back from you?
This will provide you with feedback on how you did at the interview. Also if they have any hesitation about your qualifications.

Sometimes, it is necessary to ask a question and not be hindered by your shyness. Asking questions means you’re interested and you’re prepared. Try to ask questions and impress them and go get that job!

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