Teachers at Home

A school day for your children in the safety of your home now comes easy with IKON’s Teachers At Home program.

The service is the Philippines’ first private live-in teacher program that provides professional, discreet, dedicated and passionate teachers to teach your children at home and live with the family.

A private live-in teacher brings numerous benefits that every family should consider:

  • A Perfect Match – Ikon will help you select a teacher whose background and personality not only suits your child but also fits in well with the family.
  • Home Based Learning allows your child to work in a private, comfortable, safe and familiar environment with the guidance of a private teacher.
  • Health & Safety – the live-in arrangement reduces risks and prioritizes the health and safety of children and the family amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Encouraging Your Child To Ask Questions – students are always more comfortable with a teacher in a face to face setting, making it more likely that they will ask insightful questions and receive informed answers.
  • Personalized Pace and Approach – every child is different but our teachers are able to quickly identify and adapt to your child’s individual needs and capabilities and work at your child’s pace and capacity for learning.

Teachers At Home by Ikon offers an exceptional pool of quality teachers with traditional and progressive teaching backgrounds from local and international private schools in the Philippines and abroad. Strict background checks and health protocols are in place to ensure your whole family’s safety and peace of mind.

To know more about Ikon’s Teachers At Home program, visit FAQs below, call 0917-7911610 or email [email protected] today!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a Private Live-in Teacher?

In these uncertain times with COVID-19 posing a huge health risk, many families prefer to have teachers living in their homes to teach their children.

Ikon sources and takes care of onboarding suitable candidates for clients.

Ikon has already been able to source and deploy suitable teachers to a number of families.

2. What are the benefits of engaging a Private Live-in Teacher?

There are many benefits to this service, including:

  • A dedicated, private teacher for your children.
  • A teacher who lives with the family, providing around-the-clock assistance.
  • A teacher who is familiar with the children’s learning needs and can provide personalized attention.
  • A teacher who can provide stability and consistency for the children during these uncertain times.
  • A good number of teachers are now exploring the idea of living with the families of their students in order to create a more immersive and holistic learning experience. This also allows for a more customized education as the teachers can design their curriculum and teaching methods according to the specific needs of the children they are teaching.

3. How does the live-in arrangement work?

The teacher is provided with food and lodging by the client. Clients may accommodate teachers in their own home or opt to rent a room or an apartment for the teacher near their residence. This arrangement allows for a more flexible schedule since the teacher is not limited by commute time.

For teachers residing in a client’s home, a private room and bathroom for the teacher are provided.

4. What educational level do the teachers cater to?

The teachers in our pool are qualified to teach pre-school and grade school levels, and have experienced traditional and progressive teaching backgrounds.

5. Is there a standard curriculum that the teachers follow?

The teacher will follow the curriculum of the child’s school and assist with lessons. Supplemental subjects and activities may also be provided depending on the needs and aptitude of the children.

6. Is there a standard schedule for the teacher?

The class schedule is generally Monday-Friday, however this may vary depending on the child’s curriculum and schedule.

Rest days and leave schedules for teachers depend on the agreement between both parties, however most teachers have a 3-week cycle wherein the teacher will live-in for 3 full weeks then take a few days’ leave.

7. How does Ikon source teachers?

We source teachers from local and international private schools in the Philippines and online teaching platforms

8. Do you conduct background checks?

We always aim to provide the best possible service to our clients, and part of that is making sure that the people we deploy are the best possible fit for the job. Also, a thorough background check is part of the onboarding process.

9. What are your health and safety protocols for onboarding new staff?

All new staff members must undergo a thorough medical exam and a swab test for COVID-19 prior to onboarding. We can make arrangements with AIDE, a preferred service provider and affiliate of Singapore Diagnostics, for routine swab testing on a regular basis. All medical and swab testing will be for the account of the client.

10. Will the teacher be employed by Ikon or the client?

The teacher will be employed by the client and have a direct contract with them. We can provide a standard employment contract template and assist in preparing the agreement.

11. How much is the salary of the teacher?

The salary depends on the teacher’s credentials and experience. This may range from Php 50,000 to Php 100,000 monthly.

12. How much does Ikon charge in service fees?

Ikon charges a service fee of 15% of annual salary. A one-time billing will be issued prior to the start of the engagement.

13. In case the employment of the teacher does not work out, can we ask for a replacement?

Yes, we offer a one-time replacement guarantee within 3 months of employment provided all fess and salaries have been paid.

14. Can we extend the engagement with the teacher after 1 year?

Yes, you may renew the agreement with the teacher directly or ask our help. We are always at your service.



“Thanks to this service of Ikon, I was able to regain my fun mom and child relationship with my kids. It’s good that we have established a classroom set up in our own home with the help of an actual teacher, that my kids are used to. I am very happy with the quality of teacher that Ikon has provided.”

– Anonymous


“Engaging the services of Ikon to find a teacher for my daughter was such a breeze. We did not have a hard time finding the perfect teacher that will assist our child in her online school. Ikon took care of everything from finding candidates, arranging for interviews, documentation, even medical and Covid testing.”

– Anonymous


“Since my husband and I are both working, one of our main concerns is how to manage our time to assist our preschooler in his online class. It’s a good thing a friend shared an ad for Teacher at Home. I immediately contacted Ikon to inquire and understand the set up and, in a few weeks, we are already interviewing teachers. We are very happy with the teachers we have talked to. Our son enjoyed his online class and the extra-curricular activities that the teacher prepares. With the stay- in set up and proper protocols in place, we are at ease that everyone in our household will remain safe from Covid.”

– Anonymous