Career Tips

Learn What to Do Next After Your Interview

Date Posted: 12/23/2022

You scored that interview for your dream job and are ready to pack your bags for a stint abroad. But days or even weeks pass and you still haven’t heard from your prospective employer. Anong gagawin mo?

There are countless reasons why a response could be delayed. Maybe there are other candidates that still need to be screened.  Or maybe the company suddenly needs to work on an urgent project. Perhaps the HR Manager might be dealing with a family emergency. Whatever the reason, you have no idea what’s happening on the company’s side…so wag muna mag-panic!

As you don’t want to come across as “makulit” or pesky, here are some tried-and-tested tips that you can do after your interview:

  1. Ask about next steps. Before you leave the interview, gently ask the interviewer what happens next and their timetable for hiring. This allows you to gauge how many days you can wait before following up, or at least get started on your paperwork (passport, visa, employment certificate, medical exam, etc.) if you’re leaving for a job abroad.
  2. Write a Thank You note. Wag kang deadma! Within 1-2 days after your interview, send a brief thank you note via email to the person who interviewed you. This is a good chance to reiterate your interest in the position, and express your excitement over the next step in the recruitment process.
  3. Do a follow-up. Let some time pass and if you haven’t heard back yet, send a gentle follow-up email to check on the status of your application. Following up with prospective employers is a normal process, and shows you’re still interested in the job. Make sure to be sincere and polite when doing so.
  4. Make positive connections. No matter the outcome, this is an opportunity to expand your network and stay in touch about future job opportunities. Keep in mind to remain professional and proactive—not pushy or over-eager. Connect with the interviewer on social media, or even better, request a contact reference.

If a reasonable amount of time has passed and all you get is silence, mag-move on ka na and continue your job search. You don’t want to waste your time just waiting on the results of one job prospect. Apply for the next big opportunity and see where it can take you!