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How to Apply For Another Job And Not Get Caught By Your Current Employer

Date Posted: 07/5/2019

You’ve probably heard of the phrase, “Change is the only thing constant in this world.” This is very applicable in your career, whether it’s growth and change in your current company…or if you decide that it’s time to shift to another company or career that’s better for your career.

Let’s talk more about this career change.

Opportunities and career changes can come at any point in your work life. It may come after you’ve decided to resign and move on, or it may come while you’re still employed. There’s nothing wrong with applying for another job while you’re still employed. Also, because of their own personal reasons, some people prefer to keep the process to themselves first.

So how do you keep this little venture from your company’s human resources department or your boss? Read on to find out how you can keep it to yourself for the meantime.

Don’t post or talk about it

The first rule of not getting caught? Be quiet about it. Don’t tell your fellow employees about it and don’t post your intentions in social media or job boards. Remember that employers “following you” on social media doesn’t stop at the application process. So, quiet ka lang munaShare mo nalang pag nakuha ka na. 

Don’t let it affect your output

Be professional about it. What tatamad-tamad. Leaving early or coming in late gives the impression that you’re not as passionate or dedicated to your current post as you once were. Besides, you’re still hired and paid, so it’s only fair that you perform. Be fair to your current employer even if you have plans of leaving.

Don’t schedule interviews during work hours

Not only is this a giveaway, but it’s unprofessional as well! Things like taking a long lunch or break will not only annoy your boss, it will also make them suspect that something’s up.

Quiet lang munaKung natanggap, doon magsabi. Remember that although keeping the job search process to yourself is your right, it is also your employers right that you remain professional while you’re still employed by them.

Don’t let your outfit give it away

Suddenly showing up looking “bihis na bihis” is also another thing that makes people in the office suspect a job hunt. It’s such a giveaway that people dressing up in the office has earned the staple office joke of “May interview ka?”  If you must dress a certain way, change outside the office.

Good luck on your job search! Again, remember to remain professional, quiet, and consistent.

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