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How To Dress For An Interview

Date Posted: 04/29/2019

You’ve gotten the call from the human resources (HR) department of the overseas company that you have applied to and you’ve been informed that you’ve been selected to –move on to the next stage of screening—the interview! Nax naman! Congratulations on coming this far!

While it may seem scary, an interview is just a way for the employer (and also for yourself) to evaluate if you’re a good fit for the company. Just be yourself. By this, we mean your best self!

Of course, you want to make a good impression.

The first impression you have on the interviewer is most important and one of the best ways to do this is to dress the part for your interview. Yes, you have to plan what you wear because it will affect the kind of impression that the interviewer, whether it’s HR or your future boss, will have of you. Remember, it’s not about just making an impression, it’s about making your best impression from head to toe. So how does one dress for an interview?


Chill lang, we’ve got some tips to help you have the perfect outfit for that overseas interview.

Dress the part

Dress according to what job you are applying for. Remember when Anne Hathaway applied for a job as a personal assistant in The Devil Wears Prada? She almost didn’t get the job “that a million girls would kill for.” All because she didn’t look the part. So if you’re getting interviewed for a front office position in a hotel, looking fab and fashionable is a must. On the other hand, if you are applying for a teller position or accounting position, looking corporate is key. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a technical position, you can be a bit more casual.


If you’re not that well-versed with the different types of looks, then best that you do you research before deciding what to wear. Don’t be shy to ask the help of your friends and family who might have the experience needed to give good advice.

Checkout some looks from this article or check the internet for help.

Groom Yourself Well

Don’t look like you’ve just gotten out of bed. Look neat, because it gives the impression that you’re organized and composed as an employee. If you’re a girl, a bit of makeup will help you look more put together and professional. Check out this article for makeup tips.

If you’re a guy, maybe a bit of hair gel will do the trick. Be sure that you have fresh breath, because the last thing you want is to turn off the interviewer.

Polish your shoes (or also your nails).

Don’t Smoke before the interview

That being said, smelling like you smoked, or even smelling like onions or garlic, can turn off some people who might be allergic to it. Do reserve it nalang for after.

When in doubt, stick with the neutrals

When in doubt as to what to choose from your wardrobe , stick with neutrals. It’s the safest choice. Now is not a good idea to suddenly be adventurous with bright colours.

When all is said and done in terms of physical preparation, be sure you’re mentally prepared as well. Research the company that you’ve applied to. Who’s the company’s president? What was their latest achievement? What is their mission/vision? How does the company’s corporate culture relate with your personality?

In the process of doing this, you are also initially evaluating if the company in a foreign country is right for you. Also take time to practice answering questions, even in your head.

Remember that both are important in creating a great impression.

We hope you nail that interview! Hope you have learned a thing or two from this article. Don’t get too nervous. Kaya mo yan! Remember that if it’s for you, it will be yours.

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