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How to Quit Your Job With Class

Date Posted: 12/19/2018

Transitions are always difficult, but making the choice to improve your life through a better job is definitely worth it. Ang desisyon na mag-resign sa trabaho ay isang malaking hakbang at kadalasan ay mas nakakastress o nakababahala. Simula na makapagdesisyon ka nang umalis sa trabaho, kailangan mo itong gawan ng paraan at mapanindigan.

It may be tempting to leave a note on your boss’ desk and disappear when no one’s looking. Ito ay isang paraan upang magkaroon ka ng masamang reputasyon lalo na kapag naghahanap ka ng bagong trabaho, as many prospective employers and recruitment agencies often look into how you left your last job.

To help you quit your job with class, here are a few steps to making the transition as easy as possible.


Sa sandaling makapagdesisyon ka nang umalis sa iyong trabaho, siguraduhing ikaw ay may maayos na time-frame. The traditional norm is two weeks to a month, pero depende ito sa partikular na trabaho. Some jobs even specify how much advance notice you need to give them. Lahat ng employer ay hindi gugustuhin na umalis ang kanilang empleyado ng pabigla-bigla lalo na kung ang iyong trabaho ay nasa busy season o nasa kalagitnaan ng isang project, consider waiting until an easier transition time for the company.

Most bosses appreciate being notified in person. Kung posible, subukang mag-schedule ng private meeting pero wag mo itong i-announce sa harap ng inyong mga co-workers o customers. Kahit na ikaw ay aalis dahil sa negatibong mga rason, iwasan ang anumang emotional outbursts and keep your meeting as neutral as possible.

Keep your conversation positive and express gratitude for the position you held. Mag-ingat sa iyong mga sasabihin, dahil maaari itong magreflect sa iyong recommendations para sa iyong future na trabaho. Hindi mo gugustuhin na maka-offend ng kahit na sino, especially when working abroad, dahil maaari itong makaapekto sa iyong pananatili sa bansang iyon.

While most employers prefer to be notified in person, some companies also require a letter of resignation. Some may require one or the other, but it’s always best to be prepared and have both. That demonstrates professionalism and class. Keep resignations neutral in tone, provide the specific date you will be leaving, and keep the notice short and to the point. Mas mabuti na ang mga importanteng bagay na ito ay nakadocument para sa iyong record at organizational purposes.


Kapag ang iyong resignation ay naipasa na at tinanggap na ng iyong boss, minsan ay mahirap na manatiling focused sa iyong trabaho. Huwag maging tamad dahil nasa isip mo ikaw ay paalis na. Finishing strong by doing your job well till the last day says so much about your character, and will also reflect well on any recommendations you may need in the future.

Before you officially leave, make sure you get your things in order and have a proper turnover. Don’t leave a mess for your co-workers or replacement to figure out. Leave your space clean and your tasks tidied up and organized. Make it easy for others to come in and pick up where you left off, rather than having to untangle a maze of paperwork and half-finished projects.

Understand that your company will likely need to find a replacement to fill your position. Depending on the job—and how invaluable you are—they may ask you to help with interviews and training. Maging willing tumulog para sa mas maayos at madaling transition. Be welcoming and positive with any replacement.

Tandaan, huwag pag-usapan ang ano mang negative na rason kung bakit ka aalis. Hayaan ang kapalit na simulan ang trabaho sa isang malinis at positibong saloobin.


Some people have a difficult time with goodbyes. They find it awkward and uncomfortable. If that’s you, be sure to keep your co-workers informed about when you’re leaving. Most people wouldn’t like coming in to work only to find their dependable co-worker gone without explanation. Not only is this a transition for you, but for them as well.

Kung ikaw ay malapit sa iyong mga katrabaho, madali lamang pag-usapan ang rason kung bakit ka aalis o maipakita sa kanila ang iyong excitement sa bagong oportunidad na iyong tatahakin. Subukan mo itong iwasan. Alalahanin na sila ay naroon pa rin sa iyong aalisang kumpanya. Wag mo ipakita sa kanila na hindi kana makapag-antay umalis o magyabang sa magandang oportunidad na nakuha mo at sila hindi.

No matter how you’re leaving your job, it’s always best to be as gracious and appreciative as possible. Make goodbyes personal and make sure your co-workers know how much you are grateful to have met them. It’s best to keep it simple and don’t drag it out.

Whether you are leaving your current job for positive or negative reasons, leaving on a high note is essential. Remember that no matter how badly you may want to walk away and never see that place again, you may need to. You will likely need a reference from that boss or run into co-workers in the future. Try to handle the situation as gracefully as possible as you look forward to what’s ahead.

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