Career Tips

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Date Posted: 11/16/2018

Nahihirapan ka na bang pumasok sa opisina mo araw araw? Hindi ka na ba makatulog sa gabi sa kakaisip ng mga rason kung bakit ayaw mo nang pumasok sa opisina? Nagiging boring at repetitive na ba ng iyong trabaho? Just about every person has felt these things at some point, it can be difficult to tell the difference between just having a bad day and needing a change. Here are a few things to think about when deciding if it’s time to keep trying and stay in the job or to walk away and find something better.


It’s normal to get the “Monday blues.” No matter how good our jobs are, few of us wake up every single morning excited to go work. Everyone has bad days. Everyone gets tired and lulled into boredom. The difference, however, is when you absolutely can’t stand your job—whether it be the people, the stress, or the work itself—it just drains away all of your happiness. Kung ikaw ay naiinip na, maaaring ito na ang oras para hanapin mo ang iyong passion sa buhay.


Learning how to separate work life from home life is very important. Is it getting too difficult to leave work at work? Nauuwi mo ba ang stress ng iyong trabaho sa bahay? Ang iyong mental at physical health dapat ang iyong priority. If your job is drastically affecting your mood or personality at home, kailangan mo nang i-evaluate kung bakit ito nangyayari. Ang stress ba mula sa iyong trabaho ay nakakaapekto na sa iyong kalusugan? If it is, then, it is definitely time to make some changes.


Think about whether this job is beneficial to your career or is it just needed to pay the bills. Obviously, ang main reason kung bakit nag-aabroad sa ibang bansa na malayo sa iyong pamilya ay para kumita ng pera para sa sarili at kanila, but ideally, we can do both. If you are stuck in a job where you are overqualified and there is no room for further advancement, you may be happier in a different position. Tumingin ka ng ibang opportunities na related sa iyong field or sa ibang bansa where you can further develop and apply your skills.


May ilang bagay na mas stressful kaysa sa pagpasok sa trabaho na may toxic environment. It can be from too much stress, difficult co-workers, or being under-appreciated. Conflict and negativity at work will leave you uninspired and emotionally exhausted. This is never okay. Evaluate the situation to see if you can fix it. If not, you need to get yourself in a healthier place as soon as possible.


May natatanggap ka bang ibang offers or better opportunities? Weigh them against your current salary, benefits, and environment. Remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side, pero kung mas maganda ang situation, go for it. Don’t have any other options right away? Look into it. Connect with recruitment services or job placement agencies like Ikon to see if there could be something more suited to you. Kung hindi ka na masaya sa iyong current job, start looking for a job now, as could take a while to find a better one.

Whether we like it or not, the average person spends over 35 percent of their waking hours working. Where we work, who we work with, and what we do are important things to consider since they do take up a large portion of our lives and often identify who we are. We need to think about the negative and positive aspects of our jobs. Do the positives make it worthwhile to stay, or do the negatives out way anything good they may provide? Huwag manatili sa isang hindi magandang working situation dahil lamang sa iyong pag-aalinlangan . Know that there are resources out there and that you don’t have to compromise your health, career, and sanity because of a bad job.

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