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4 Things You Should Never Say at Work

Date Posted: 10/24/2018

Whether you’re employed in the Middle East, Europe or North America, the rules when working abroad are very similar. We’re talking about manners. This is important because it helps workplaces function smoothly, so when you’ve landed that dream job abroad, the hard work isn’t over just yet.

Remember that showing willingness, being polite and always putting 100 percent effort into tasks doesn’t just make an office a pleasant place to work, it also goes a long way to helping with future career prospects, and may get you a strong reference in the future.

All managers love willing employees and are more likely to promote them. But rather than looking at what you should do and say on a day-to-day basis, here are four things you certainly should not say at work, unless you want to get dragged into your manager’s office and fired on the spot.


Answering an order with “can’t someone else do it?” is very negative and it will not be well received. Bago ka sumagot, isipin mo muna nang mabuti yung isasagot mo, always try to react positively and constructively. Instead of asking if anyone else can do the job, take the time to be helpful and to do it yourself. If you don’t have the time or are unable to do it, suggest someone who may be able to assist. When you see that person later in the day or week, ask if they completed the task, showing a caring attitude rather than appearing like a spoiled teenager.


We don’t need to explain this one. Kung hindi mo gusto ang boss mo, hindi mo naman kailangan isigaw at ipaalam sa iba. Keep comments like this for non-work colleagues or don’t say them at all. Any problems you have with your manager should be dealt with professionally and with a mature attitude. Telling anyone—or even your boss to their face—that you hate them will almost certainly leave you in hot water, or without a job at all.


If you preferred your previous job, why don’t you go back and work there? If you are heard complaining, that’s what you will be told. Spreading negative feelings around the office makes you look bad and it might bother others. If you’re not enjoying your job, simply look for another one in your spare time or speak to a recruitment agency.

Consider this: there might be an opportunity to change jobs at your current workplace, so don’t be hasty. You should speak to your manager, she might be able to help. Do this before disturbing the peace in a manner that will harm your future career prospects.


Kakaumpisa lamang ng trabaho pero uwian na agad ang nasa isip mo. Even for people who are happy with their job, full-time work can sometimes be difficult. If it is the end of your work week and you are watching the clock, resist making a scene. Instead, be positive and talk about your post-work plans. The subtle hint that you are thinking about what you are doing in the evening, whether you are going to the gym, for a drink, or to watch a movie, will generate conversation without casting you in a negative light.

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