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Do You Want a Successful Career? Develop These Good Workplace Habits

Date Posted: 07/13/2018

Feeling mo ba na-stuck ka na sa professional career mo? Hindi ka na ba na-promote kahit ang tagal tagal mo na sa trabaho mo? Napapaisip ka ba why your co-workers are being promoted, and you still hold the same position?

Baka it’s time to build new habits in the workplace that will help you advance your career.

Good workplace habits are essential to building a successful career. They make you more productive and help you produce quality work. They show your boss and co-workers that you are serious about your job.

Kung seryoso ka na at you want to build a successful career, here are some positive workplace habits to develop.

Be professional

If nothing else, being professional is the one workplace habit that you want to have. You’re in a professional environment. Act accordingly. Whether you work abroad or in your own country, professionalism is key to success.

Any recruitment consultant will tell you about the importance of professional behavior, which includes dressing for the job, being on time, meeting deadlines, respecting your co-workers, and leaving personal issues at home.

Get rid of distractions

In this connected age, there are so many distractions. When you’re at work, turn your mobile phone off or at least put it on silent mode. Only check it during breaks.

When at the computer, log out of social media and instant messengers–except for platforms required for your job. If possible, snooze notifications or set your status to busy so your colleagues know not to disturb you.

Set aside blocks of time to check email. For example, instead of looking at your inbox every other minute, why not set aside 15 to 20 minutes every two hours?

This way, you will not be distracted from the task you are working on.

Take charge

When a work-related problem comes up, don’t wait for others to provide a solution. If you have an idea, go ahead and take charge of the situation. Make it a habit to act as a leader, but avoid being arrogant or pushy about it.

Be proactive

Do not wait for problems to surface. If you see something that can be improved, find a solution, make a plan, and bring it to your boss’ attention. Take any chance you get to make a good impression without being offensive.

Focus on results

Being busy does not mean you’re getting work done. You may be doing so many activities, but do you have anything to show for it at the end of the day? The difference between being busy and achieving results is that your efforts result in something concrete and useful.

Listen to feedback

Stay open to feedback from your colleagues and your boss. No matter how good you are, there will always be room for improvement. Do not take criticism personally. Instead, accept feedback positively and use it to help improve your work.

It is worth noting that you need to filter criticism: accept constructive criticism and let the rest slide off your back. Don’t allow destructive criticism to drag you down.

Build relationships

Hard work pays off, but having good relationships does not hurt. Especially if these relationships include people in higher positions.

Get to know your colleagues. Interact with them at the water cooler. Eat lunch together in the break room. Listen to them as much as you share things about yourself. Come promotion time, your boss might ask your colleagues for their opinion, and you’ll be glad you’ve nurtured relationships with them.

But don’t limit your circle to your colleagues. Create opportunities to interact with people in higher positions. Connect with them. Introduce yourself. That will put you on their radar and increase your chances of success in the workplace.

A final note about workplace relationships: be genuine. Don’t make connections for the sole purpose of advancing your career.

These are only some good workplace habits that will help you build a successful career. Observe the habits of co-workers who are successful at work, and you’ll discover more habits to cultivate, habits that will take you to the next phase of your career.

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