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3 Ways to Stand Out and Impress Your Boss

Date Posted: 06/12/2018

If being successful in your position overseas is your goal, then start with a strategy to accomplish it. The most important thing you need to do is impress the person who determines your raises, promotions, and visibility in the company: your immediate boss. Paano nga ba ma-impress si boss?

Here are three things you can do to impress your boss so that you are positioned for success:

1. Build trust. According to overseas recruitment consultants, one of the most important characteristics of an employee is trustworthiness. If your boss trusts you to do your job well, on time, and consistently, that’s one less thing for him or her to worry about. Mahalaga yung pakiramdam na kampante ang isang tao sa iyo lalo na kung kasama mo sa trabaho.

Do things that will help your boss see you in a positive light. Show up to work on time every day. Complete assignments on time. Turn in quality work. These things represent you and build trust with your boss.

2. Build a good reputation. International clients say staff with good reputations are more competitive for promotions and salary increases. If your boss hears from other people that you’re very reliable, that you work hard, don’t complain nor participate in office gossip or politics, and that you produce quality work on time, then he or she will certainly be impressed. Building a good reputation at work is important because it is what people can expect of you wherever you are. If your boss is considering you for a promotion or raise, having a good reputation among your co-workers and other company staff will help with making a decision in your favor. Kung mabuti na ang image mo kailangan panatiliin at alagaan ito kung hindi pa man, kailangan mag-effort para maabot ang good image.

Do things that will impress your boss. Treat people with respect. Being a good team player is important. If you have problems working with others, it will damage your reputation. Volunteering for projects or making sure a project gets completed is one way to show you have a good work ethic and are a team player. Building a good reputation is another way of showing you have good character. Your boss wants to be sure you will represent him or her and the company well; having a good reputation will move you to the top of the list of employees that have impressed with their good work ethic.

3. Create value. Executive recruitment services encourage candidates looking for ways to stand out and impress their boss to create value. This requires additional work, but goes a long way in helping you in your career. More importantly, creating value makes your boss look good. It is the perfect way of getting noticed.

Do things to make your bosses’ work easier and feel happy you are a part of the team. Do things that also help members of your team. Find solutions to problems. In meetings, listen to what issues need to be resolved and come up with ways to solve them. Senior Executives especially love it when they can save the company money. Find solutions that save money, time, or effort. Think of ways to complete tasks faster, or use less material and bring down costs. Think of ways to complete tasks in fewer steps or with fewer people. These things help to create value, and help the boss see you as an essential person to have on the team. Hindi lamang ito makakatulong para sa iyong work performance, malaki pa ang maibabahagi mong tulong at halaga sa mga ka-trabaho at boss mo at ikakaunland ng kumpanya.

Impressing your boss can be challenging, but with a strategy in place, you can make yourself more competitive. Your boss must trust that you will do well in your role consistently. The best way to do that is to build a good reputation in the position. Show the value you bring to your role. Build your reputation within your team. Make it so that co-workers only have good things to say about you. Do all of these things and your boss can’t help it but to promote you or pay you a better salary.

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