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Are You Aware You Are Being Annoying At Work?

Date Posted: 04/16/2018

The average employee spends around 40 hours a week at work, which makes our workplaces a second home. Home is where we are entirely comfortable – pero paano na kung nasa work ka? When sharing space with several or a large number of people, it’s important to be respectful and humble, with the aim of creating an inspiring and pleasant environment.

Do your colleagues put you off in some ways? O baka may nagagawa ka na hindi mo alam eh nakakairita din para sa mga kasamahan mo sa work? Here are some hints on not being annoying at work.

You have loud and/or constant phone calls

Some people may not realise that they’re loud when speaking to friends or family. Madalas ito nangyayari lalo na kung nadadala ka sa kausap mo pero kung hindi ito office/business related, best to take the call outside or wait until your break.

Singing with headphones on

May mga pangyayari na napapasabay tayo sa pinapakinggan nating music, with feelings pa ang pagkanta, well remember this your workplace might not be the best place for a public performance. Though it is great to lose yourself to music, you might just be too loud and too annoying. Work is not the right place for that.

Keeping your space messy

Messiness causes uneasiness, while tidiness causes comfort. Iiwan mo na lang yung pagiging makalat sa bahay. If you seem to always leave a mess behind, you are most likely going to be taken as careless and disorganized. This would act as a black mark against you, as it would highlight what your work might look like too.

Come to work sick

It’s best that you stay at home if you’re sick. Everyone at work would prefer you do so, – why would you come to work when you’re carrying germs? Walang gustong mahawa at magkasakit din. Better to stay home and save your colleagues from your germs, while giving your body time to heal.

Bringing in personal drama

Aminin natin, madalas may drama tayo sa buhay at hindi din natin maiwasan madala o mailabas ito sa office. It’s best to keep it to oneself, especially in an environment where people are trying to concentrate and be productive. Save the drama conversations for your non-work friends and family and don’t contaminate your work environment with them as it may also give your colleagues ammunition to use against you later.

Kissing up

You might be trying to impress, but that’s not how it may be seen. Minsan maaring maging OA na or masyado ng pilit kung titingnan ng iba? Almost everyone wants to be liked, feel appreciated and impress others, but there are other ways of doing so rather than kissing up or “brown nosing”, as it is often called your boss. Be yourself, and if you want to impress, do so with your work and be strategic about it.


Ang paboritong gawain ng karamihan sa opisina ay ang chismis. Masaya kasi manghula o magisip kung anu ano na ang happening sa office o sa mga ka-trabaho mo, but keep in mind that people might get hurt, relationships can get damaged and people will be less likely to trust you. Try to limit “water cooler talk” to lighter topics and never gossip about your co-workers, supervisors or boss.

Talking down to your co-workers

It is very important to remember that, even if you’re in a higher-ranking position, your colleagues deserve the same respect you expect them to give you. Do not speak badly of them or talk down to anyone, as that won’t make you look stronger. Huwag na huwag ka mag-maliit ng kapwa mo. Help them do their best and you will earn their respect.

Talking badly about your boss

Not only is this practice disrespectful, but it also demonstrates what can be interpreted as a negative attitude by your co-workers. Maari mo na itong matawag na mortal sin sa opisina. Importante na malaman mo, if someone else is talking badly about the boss, huwag kang sasali sa usapan unless you have something positive to say.

Constantly talking about how stressed you are

Lahat naman ng tao ay stressed lalo na sa work. When you go on about it, you can come across as someone who doesn’t know how to handle things, or as a complainer. Manage your stress at alisin ang bad vibes.

Chewing gum or your food loudly

Why? Drop the gum; you don’t need it. And as for food, the way to share it (if you would like to) is not by showing it in your mouth as you speak.

Checking Facebook and social media constantly at work

Unless it is an emergency, don’t do it. Spending time on social media during work hours (unless you work in social media) is very unprofessional. Isa din tong malaking istorbo sa trabaho, dagdag mo na din na mawawala ka sa focus at magmukha ka pang di seryoso sa trabaho mo.

Too many cigarette or coffee breaks

A break is supposed to be a break. Once a task is completed, you can reward yourself with a cigarette or a drink, but looking like an addict with no control or discipline may give off a bad impression. Others might be smokers too, but they don’t likely overdo it. Also, be mindful of the cigarette smell that may stick to your breath and clothes, which can be even more irritating.

There are clearly many things one could be doing in the workplace that will be annoying to co-workers, but all these could be solved with little changes. In the end, every single person, as a part of the company, is representing the company itself. This is why staff recruitment is a delicate and important process, especially with jobs abroad when the potential employees are not met in person. So always be you, at your best behaviour.

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