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Six Things to Consider When Searching for Your Dream Job

Date Posted: 03/21/2018

What is a dream job? For some people, a dream job means challenging the comfort zone, opportunity for growth, a manageable work-life balance and a thriving work environment. For other people, it’s about having greater compensation, a healthy working relationship with colleagues, and a fair and reliable boss.

No matter what your definition of a dream job is, there are a few key things that you can do to make sure that you’re on the right track to finding one.

Learn More About Yourself

Assess your values, how you like to work, and what responsibilities you have outside of the job description, including any unpaid responsibilities. Develop a clear vision of what you want or where you expect to see yourself in the next five to 10 years. Some people spend years working for an organization before deciding to seek out the job of their dreams. The job that fulfilled you 10 years ago might be boring and unfulfilling for you today. People change over time and you might have changed too.

If you are unsure what kind of work you would like or you just feel it is time for a change, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want to do in my next job?
  • Would I prefer working alone or as part of a team?
  • Should I get a position with authority or do I prefer not to be in charge?
  • What are the special skills and knowledge that I can use to perform the job duties?
  • What are the special skills I don’t currently have?
  • What are the areas in which I should receive more training?
  • How much time do I need to invest in learning new skills?

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg. Each individual has different abilities and talents. Know the difference between what you bring to the table versus your competition, what you would like to do, which skills you possess and those you need to obtain.

Consider the Environment

Some people prefer to work in a competitive environment where they can pit their skills against their colleagues. Others prefer a more collaborative environment where they can work together with their colleagues to achieve common goals. There is no right or wrong answer, it just depends on what type of work environment you feel most comfortable in. If you’re not sure, it might be a good idea to talk to your potential colleagues to get a feel for the office dynamic before you accept a job offer.


Network as much as possible. Try to attend events related to your industry of choice, or even job fairs. Educate yourself about the leading companies in your industry, and look up interviews and articles about people you admire. Submit your resume or CV to a recruitment agency or upload it to recruitment sites. Learn more about the career path you’ve chosen. Ask industry professionals about available jobs in their company or network of professionals.

Don’t Let Your Experience Get in the Way

When developing a resume, portfolio, or other materials, think about what your current skills and talents are, and how they best apply to the responsibilities of your desired position. Often, having basic knowledge of client relations, project management, and information technology will take you far in most career types.

Try Something New

If you want to improve your skillset and discover new talents and passions, consider reading books, taking classes, attending workshops, and watching YouTube videos. You never know what you might find out about yourself – you might discover that you have a hidden talent for web design, coding, graphic design, writing, or something else entirely. Your new hobby could even lead to an entirely new and exciting career.

Do What Makes You Happy

When searching for that dream job, consider these two things: do it for fun, and do something that you’ll love. Choose a career that you will enjoy, and one that will make you proud. Find something that will make you happy and allow you to grow and learn.

Do not give up on your dreams, with creativity, perseverance, and hard work, the path to your dream job will open up. Find ways to make a difference in your life and unlock big doors for yourself.

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