DFA: Online appointments for passport application now easier

Date Posted: 09/18/2017

MANILA- Applying for a passport may now be easier with the Department of Foreign Affairs’ (DFA) redesigned online appointment system.

Passport applicants can now see, at first glance, available dates for an appointment, which are marked green on the website. Dates that are fully booked meanwhile are marked red.

A feedback mechanism was also incorporated in the appointment system so that applicants are informed whether there is a problem with their application.Guidance on how to fix problems they encounter are also provided.

“Before, when you applied for a passport, you were told to pick it up on a scheduled date. If for some reason there was a problem with your application, like discrepancies in the information or documents that you submitted, you wouldn’t know until that day when you are supposed to pick up the passport. There’s no feedback mechanism,” Office of Consular Affairs Executive Director Angelica Escalona said.

Under the feedback mechanism, a passport applicant is sent an e-mail providing relevant feedback. The e-mail is sent within 2 days of an application’s evaluation.

The online system also reminds users that senior citizens, persons with disability, pregnant women, solo parents, children aged 7 and below, and overseas Filipino workers no longer need to secure an appointment and may use the courtesy lane as long as they present an identification card.

Earlier this month, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said it removed 1,200 passport appointment slots that used to be reserved daily for travel agencies. The slots will instead be given to regular applicants.

Published Date: September 14, 2017
Source: ABS-CBN News