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Want To Double Your Employee Loyalty? Get To Know Them!

Date Posted: 08/14/2017


Who doesn’t want to keep dedicated employees who are devoted to the success of their company and believe that being a part of the organization is in their best interest? Focusing on employee satisfaction by conducting regular surveys is one effective way to keep them engaged and loyal. However, the way to improve employee loyalty is to be intentional in building a strong relationship (not just rapport) with your employees. We’ve done some research on scientifically-backed surveys that show how companies increase the level of staff loyalty. Here is what we found:

  1. Pay attention to employees’ concerns, feedback and suggestions.It’s not just the salary raise or the pay grade. Employees join and want to work for companies that give them the impression that every staff member can make a difference and contribute to its success. If that motivation for joining is suddenly made into a gaping hole once they are on board, employees will naturally feel dejected and disillusioned. If the culture of collaboration that they believed existed in your company was in fact an authoritarian regime, the red flag is raised and may soon have everyone running to look for the nearest exit. Listen to what they have to say and take concrete action about their concerns while keeping your staff informed.
  2. Unexpected Rewards and Tokens of AppreciationCompanies that put value in their top performers’ contributions can make it part of a ladder up program to elevate the employee’s role based on actual performance data. It can be part of an executive agenda on employee loyalty and retention programme to groom up-and-coming leaders in the organization and give due recognition if not a promotion to the deserving. Staff need to know that they are not only monitored and measured, but are also given room to advance in the organization.Have you ever organized a totally random act of employee appreciation? That isn’t just a thoughtful thing to do but is a powerful way to tell people you care.
  3. Satisfaction and Happiness ChecksFrequent 360-degree surveys on organizational health are very helpful in identifying areas for improvement as well as areas that lift employee engagement levels. This includes reviewing not just staff performance but management performance as well.In our previous post ‘Do Perks Matter for Employee Retention’ we concluded that giving perks is important but isn’t the only way to make employees stay with your company. More important ways to keep employees loyal: making them feel heard, respected, trusted, appreciated and valued.When was the last time you conducted a casual employee satisfaction survey? It may be time for a more frequent and informal way of giving your staff an opportunity to share their thoughts with you, not blindly or on social media!Recommended Reading:

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  4. Improvement of Employee BenefitsCompanies that can afford it, include pay raises and increased health insurance coverage in their budgets. But benefits can also be in the form of special perks where employees are able to enjoy time off, days off or watch a game or a live talk show together for free. Employers who are more creative give employees gift certificates to treat themselves to a spa, or a movie, or a nice dinner.If employees want to have some time off, consider this in workforce plans so there is an allowance for when employees can trade schedules with a co-worker. Be flexible. That’s as good as an improvement of employee benefits.Sure, it used to be that companies and employees looked out for both of their interests. In this fast-paced age of instant gratification, companies who offer job security in return for commitment and loyalty are only as good as the startup company next door or across the street who offer flexible work hours, work-from home days and unlimited (though unpaid) vacation days a year!Employees who know they are good and are gutsy enough to risk jumping ship for the unknown are able to find the job that better suits their lifestyles! Today, both employers and employees think more about themselves. The ‘me-first, now’ obsession inevitably affects the way people choose who they engage with and the duration they stay engaged. It won’t hurt to be a step ahead.

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