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Simple Ways to Make New-Hires Feel Welcome

Date Posted: 05/9/2017

Simple Ways to Make New-Hires Feel Welcome

An employee’s first week at a company is a ground-breaking experience and establishes their commitment and connection to the work and to the people in the workplace. Onboarding processes don’t have to be complicated and welcoming new-hires doesn’t have to be extravagant. Here are some simple ways to make your future new-hires feel adjusted and at-home.


  1. Set up work email, systems access, logins and passwords.
  2. Make the announcement to staff by email. Introduce the new-hire briefly. Give the new-hire an opportunity to send their own Introduction email on their first day online.
  3. Set up workstation or desk with everything they need to do their job: computer or laptop, access to shared equipment (scanner, printer, local area network, WiFi, etc.), desk phone and/or issued mobile phone, office supplies, business cards, file cabinet, etc.).
  4. Prepare a welcome kit with essential information about the company: brochures, product/service literature, employee handbook, training materials/references, an onboarding calendar, and a nice welcome note. Add as special touch by personalizing it further if you can as that would delight the new member of your staff!
  5. Organize all forms and paperwork for signing. Set aside time to have the employee read through all the standard onboarding documents and accomplish each in an unhurried manner. Include schedule for headshot for company ID, magnetic or proximity cards, biometrics access, etc.


  1. Greet the employee upon arrival. The new-hire’s manager and team should extend a warm welcome to the new member to make the person feel comfortable.
  2. Office or facility tour. To help new employees get familiar with their new surroundings, walk through important locations they need to be aware of: meeting or conference rooms, restrooms, break rooms/pantry, printers/copy machines, shop floor, Support and Admin offices, assigned parking space, etc.
  3. Introduce them to their co-workers and other managers/leaders in the company. Also introduce other staff to the new member as you go around the office.
  4. Schedule one-on-one time. Nothing beats getting to know someone by spending time with them. Handing new-hires a two-inch thick handbook or literature is not the same as sharing work experience, company stories and setting performance objectives and expectations face-to-face. This also allows new hires to ask questions and get answers right away.
  5. Welcome lunch. Having a meal with the team or with their manager can definitely help start their relationship-building with the people in the office. Invite the new employee to join a group or to step out to lunch with you.
  6. Create a schedule for job shadowing and observation. This is one way to get new hires involved and immersed in different work processes. This is a practical way to jumpstart their typical work routine. Active orientation and on-the-job training gets them right into the heart of the work they are expected to perform.


  7. Schedule progress reviews to monitor process-acquaintance, address questions and concerns. In most cases, shadowing a co-worker is completed within the new-hire’s first 30 or 60 days, depending on job complexity and scope. Make regular reviews part of onboarding in order to manage expectations regarding new employee’s specific, agreed-upon objectives.These are just a few simple points to remember when reviewing your company’s onboarding process. However, it is important to remember that while making a unique and unforgettable experience for new hires is only the start. At the end of the day, employees’ level of engagement and performance is anchored on how effectively job goals are communicated and how leaders inspire action and motivate them to deliver results. As you continue to grow and add more people to the organization, it helps to promote a culture that welcomes new talent right from the start of their journey with you.

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