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Steps to Increase Your Credibility at Work

Date Posted: 03/8/2017

The Oxford Living Dictionaries define credibility as “the quality of being trusted and believed in,” which makes it one of the most crucial values in any organization and an important goal for any career. Being trustworthy and credible makes one a good employee and helps managers assess what kind of responsibilities they can entrust to the employee. In Filipino, gaano ka katiwa-tiwala? However, anyone would agree that trust is a tricky thing to navigate, especially in the workplace. It can be gained and lost in the blink of an eye; but it is not impossible to aim to increase and maintain credibility at work. Here are a few important tips on how to do that:

1. Nurture good relationships with everyone. Trust is built over time, and the only way to do this is to develop healthy relationships not just with management, but with every other person in the organization. Any work environment is prone to instances of pamumulitika, or pagtataksil, or backstabbing; avoid all of these when you can.

2. Always be ready to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Compassion is the best way to built trust and make meaningful connections. Renowned organizational psychologist Adam Grant has spoken extensively about the importance of “givers” in both individual and organizational success. He says that being generous to colleagues makes one more fulfilled about his or her work, and ultimately benefits the organization.

3. Be honest at all times. Gasgas man sa pandinig, honesty is still the best policy. Being truthful, even with the smallest things, demonstrates integrity and improves credibility. You made a mistake? Own up to it and do what you can to address it. Something or someone at work is bothering you? Talk to someone you trust. Clueless about something? Ask. Sabi nga nila, mas mabuti nang magmukhang tanga kaysa manatiling tanga.

4. Stay away from office gossip and drama. The tricky thing about tsismis is that while it may initially seem like a way to build connections, it ultimately forms an unhealthy reputation among your peers. If you can gossip or speak ill about another person to a group of “friends,” you can also speak badly about the very same friends to other people. Being involved in office gossip harms both your credibility and integrity and may even cause a rift in some of your work relationships.

5. Demonstrate leadership. Demonstrating a sense of initiative and responsibility makes people trust you as a leader. Note that this does not refer to pagmamarunong, but knowing when and how to step up when needed. This shows management that you can be entrusted with important tasks, maybe even leadership or management roles.

The tips given above are simple but crucial. How does one increase credibility at work? To put it simple, be a good person. Stay honest and responsible and do no harm to others. There is no way to look or sound credible to other people without actually being credible. Do your work well, and you will be appreciated and eventually rewarded. After all, as we say in Filipino, kung ano ang ibinato mo, babalik at babalik sa iyo.

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