Ikon Healthcare Updates

Date Posted: 02/9/2017

Ikon would like to update you on the current situation of the healthcare industry in the United Arab Emirates. Recently a new ruling has been implemented that has affected the coverage of health insurance. In the past when patients would visit private hospitals 100 percent of their medical bills would be paid for by Insurance. With this new ruling patients are now required to pay for a percentage of the bill thus cutting benefits for both locals and expats. This unforeseen altered coverage has affected all private hospitals as well as homecare providers.

This has caused most private hospitals and homecare facilities in the UAE to postpone further hiring of staff not only from the Philippines but for other countries as well.

Ikon continues to monitor the situation very closely. We are also increasing efforts to find job opportunities in other countries specifically for our healthcare candidates.

To receive further updates please visit our website or our Facebook account on a regular basis. Ikon cares about our candidates and wants to keep you updated.


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