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Reasons to Ask Your Boss for a Review

Date Posted: 12/19/2016

When it comes to performance review, some organizations have clearly laid down systems for annual performance appraisals. However, many companies don’t strictly follow a system of regular periodic performance review. Therefore depending on what kind of organization you work for, you either need not worry about it or you must adopt appropriate ‘push’ measures so that reviews of your work performance will be rewarded without delay. So, paano malalaman kung it’s time to push na?

If you feel you deserve a salary increase but don’t get it, you must first understand the reasons why your performance is not rewarded while you slog on. The reasons may be any one, or a combination of many reasons, like uncaring human nature, bad prioritizing, or even conscious strategic intention not to increase your salary. Maari din naman hindi naman talaga sinasadya ng evaluator i-delay ang salary increase mo at may mga ibang bagay lang na nakakaapekto. Or, he just wants to avoid the inevitable ‘not enough’ argument with you as long as possible, especially if he intends to hold back your increase.  Alternatively, he is merely following senior management direction to defer incremental benefits to employees, more so when business is not so good and resources are strained.

Whether the reasons for delaying your review are valid or not, as far as you are concerned, they are all lame excuses to deprive you of benefits na you know and feel ay karapat dapat ibigay sa iyo. You must therefore find ways to induce your appraiser, without confrontation, to complete your review without delay.

Alamin mo kung what’s your boss’s real stand on your performance and whether you failed to match expectations. Many seniors managers believe that fulfilling targets is the minimum that a subordinate has to deliver, may iba naman na boss who encourage subordinates just to get work done and don’t even think of a salary review. If your boss is not happy despite all that you have done and refuses to reward you for your hard work, you need to confirm this at isipin na baka it’s time to move and change in job or boss.

To perform up to expectation you must clearly know the standard your boss intends to follow to measure your success and work performance. This can only be achieved by asking your boss where you succeeded and where you fell short at malaman mo na kung paano ka mag-aadjust.

You need to discuss with your boss his overall views on what he wants from you in future and in the context of the organization’s prospective plans and scope of business. Unless you ask where your primary focus for the next year should be, you will never know what to expect till that year is gone. To get your boss to commit to what he expects you to achieve, you must extract his expectation and frankly discuss possible problems to be anticipated. This can only be achieved by asking him for clear specifics and directions.

If your boss has any reservation about some areas of your work, you need to ask him how differently he would like you to handle such aspects in future to earn a good rating next year. This can only be achieved by asking him; or else you will continue to give him grounds to criticize you in future. Mabuti na ang maging open kayo at pag usapan para maayos yung work mo at pakikisama sa boss mo.

You need to get your boss’s views on how well you have done your job and how much you helped your team to achieve the set goals. You might believe that you gel excellently with your team members, but does the boss see it that way? Even if you have a great relationship with your colleagues, your manager may feel that you need to be more collaborative. You need to make sure that you have been a good team player in his eyes, or else take corrective steps as required

You might need to use some form of subtle flattery by asking your boss if your work is actually helping him with his own workload, and if not, whether he could suggest how you can do this and make this your priority. Though this may surprise and amuse him, it will certainly reduce the tension of the review session, if any exist.

You will find no better moment than at a review session to find out what further skill training your boss feels that you may need, and how he feels you would fare at other, or more senior, roles.

So now that you know all the reasons why you need to expedite your review, select the most appropriate time to take up the cause. Appeal to his sensitivities, if nothing else works, to give you a good review and increase and let you progress in your career.

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