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There Are No Secrets to Getting a Job Abroad

Date Posted: 09/19/2014

Have you done any of these things this year?

Uploaded your resume to a job board?

Appeared for interview with a recruitment agency?

Attended an interview with an employer?

Undergone medical examination for work abroad?

Processed your pre-departure paperwork?

Got a professional license to qualify for a job abroad?

Waited forever for a call from the recruitment agency?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above and you still find yourself waiting, have you considered why you haven’t been successful up to this point?

You are not alone. Oftentimes, Filipinos who want to work abroad approach this major decision-making point in their lives in a disorganised way.  Nothing could be more important than having a plan.

There is no secret sauce to getting the overseas job. It takes commitment and a good amount of self-discipline to get it right and succeed. In order to help you focus on your job-hunting, here are some tips:

1. Have a plan.

Where. If you already have a work experience and your job category is in demand, you can probably be choosier about where you would like to work.  However, normally, the choice is not yours alone since you need to go where the jobs are and the salary is right.  If you have a choice of multiple locations, consider the country’s culture, language, etc. The last thing you want to be at is in a country where you will be unhappy every day.

When. Give yourself a timetable of when you would like to move. Finding work overseas can be a time-consuming task, so set a timeframe for yourself on when you expect to be ready for deployment.  Add the time it takes for you to attend screening and interviews for actual job openings and your current qualifications. The process can take anywhere from three months to a year.  Considering visas and pre-departure processing, a worker who has been selected for work overseas has a short 15 to 30-day period in which they are expected to leave for their new job.

For a more organized timetable application, get a copy of the “Me Project” worksheet for free by clicking this.

REMEMBER: Pushing your resume for a job you are not essentially qualified for will not help you succeed in landing the job you want.

Who. Who do you want to work for? Do your homework and research on companies you want to work for.  Find out as much about them and picture yourself working there. What are the different aspects of the work environment that you consider most important for staying there long-term?  Your best choice of finding where jobs are available is through the Workabroad website.

What.  What do you plan to do? Entry level jobs are perfect if you have two years or less of actual paid working experience. For example, if you want to be a cook, you can get a head start by making sure you have the right educational background and training and at least one-year experience as an assistant cook or a junior cook.

Mid-level or supervisory positions are especially attractive if you’ve worked at least four to five years in the same line of work, acquired the necessary knowledge and built on your skills in that particular craft. This means you have the relevant experience, worked with people, reported to bosses, encountered and overcome challenges, and can contribute to your employer.

2. Work with a reliable recruitment agent.

A reliable recruitment agent is not only your one-time agent for a solid career in the future. You should work with someone you trust. Your recruitment consultant or agency is your advisor and knows your work history and where the most suitable jobs for you are.

Working abroad is an important decision that needs to be taken seriously.  Careful steps need to be taken to ensure that your application, pre-departure, employment, and exit processes are hassle-free and is worthwhile for you and your employer.  Your agent can make sure everything is taken care of.

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