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8 New Year’s Resolutions for HR Managers

Date Posted: 01/17/2014

At the start of the New Year and as we move into the Year of the Horse, we do make our personal resolutions. But it’s also a good time to come up with New Year‘s resolutions for work — particularly in the human resource department. As HR professionals, there are different aspects in our workplace which are crucial to our organization. The start of 2014 is therefore the ideal time to look back and check what worked, what didn’t and what we can do to improve things at work.

Here’s a list of the top HR New Year’s resolutions we can make.

1. Improve Screening Tools and the Interview Process

With better screening tools and proper assessment, we can improve identifying productive, top performing and dependable candidates before we hire them. The tools we use should be reliable and help us evaluate motivational fit, competency, and key attributes of new hires for our organization. By using a good structured interview process, interviewers can avoid hiring an employee who is a poor fit for the job. As hiring managers, we should learn and identify the appropriate and effective techniques that can help us make right hiring decisions and improve this year’s and future hirings.

2. Use Social Media in Recruitment

The enormous growth of social media is making a big change and influence in people’s lives that as human resources practitioners we can’t ignore. It must be incorporated in our recruitment practices. Social media tools are easy to use and very much accessible so that it can help us to tap great people who can be part of our company. Do however remember to keep all information on candidates confidential just the way Ikon does.

3. Update Job Descriptions

In every organization, job requirements change as the company expands or as one employee leaves and jobs change. As such, job descriptions need to be updated constantly. The New Year is a great time to go back and check the changes that have occurred in our organization and which job descriptions need to be changed or updated.

4. Remuneration Evaluation

Some countries have seen a recession while others have seen a labour shortage. Also, as years go by, prices of commodities and costs of living have increased. When was the last time we restructured our employee’s salary? The beginning of the year is a good time to reassess our company’s salary structure and compare it to what our competitors are paying. Are our salaries low? Are they competitive in the market? Can we attract the best talent for the money our company offers? Our company would not want to lose the chance to hire the best candidates and, of course, retain top performers, because salaries are not in line with market trends.

5. Training and Development

Some studies have shown that proper training of staff can improve productivity by up to 75%. So, it is the one aspect of HR that cannot be neglected. The New Year is a great time to identify and plan different training programmes for all employees of our company. The money and time spent on training will result in major improvements in our company’s total productivity. Our commitment to improve our employee’s skills through training will also show our commitment to our staff before they decide to start looking for other jobs.

6. Recognition

Giving the proper recognition to employees is another factor that is ignored by some managers and HR professionals. When was the last time we commended an employee for successfully completing his/her task? Most of the time, due to our hectic work schedule, we tend to forget to show recognition and appreciation to our best performing employees. As a resolution, we can come up with something creative to show how much we value their efforts. For some ideas, don’t hesitate to write to Ikon.

7. Attract and Retain Top Performers

Hiring and retaining excellent workers is a necessity for any company. Then there’s a need to establish HR programs that will attract and retain top performers.

8. Regular Exercise

Our resolution list would not be complete without an important personal resolution. Probably the most useful one is a resolution to exercise regularly. Regular exercise will relieve stress and improve our overall mood and productivity at work and we will be able to deal with people and problems in a calm and rational way.

Give these resolutions some thought. Does your HR practice these effective habits? Are you equipped with the right tools to find, hire and retain talent? Not to worry, you can always rely on Ikon Solutions who can help you hire the best talent to fit any job.

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